Shades of Grey

An agitated Jean accidentally exposes herself as a mutant to a hospital staff. The hospital reports her to the MRD.

Back at the Institute, Emma is able to trace Jean’s telekinetic blast to a hospital in upstate New York. She tells Cyclops, who takes off immediately without letting any other X-Men know.

Encountering the MRD, a distressed Jean lets loose a psychic blast that knocks everyone unconscious for miles, stretching all the way to the Institute. Emma barely shields herself and Cyclops from the blast. They go in search of Jean.

Meanwhile, Sinister has sent Archangel to retrieve Jean from the hospital. Cyclops takes out Archangel momentarily. Though reunited, Jean still has no recollection of who he is and thus has not contacted him since she regained consciousness. Cyclops is able to convince Jean to return “home” with him.

As Cyclops and Emma leave with Jean, their car is chased down by Archangel. The car overturns and catches fire in a tunnel. Under Sinister’s orders, Archangel kidnaps Jean and Cyclops. Emma’s diamond form saves her from the explosion. She finds another getaway car and rushes back to the Institute to alert the X-Men.

At Sinister’s lair, he obtains DNA samples from Cyclops and Jean before the X-Men arrive to rescue them. The X-Men are barely a match for Archangel, who is defeated by Phoenix. Sinister reports back to Apocalypse with the samples.

Jean is recuperating with Scott by her bedside. He promises her that Emma will do all she can to help her regain her memory. The rest of the X-Men are anxious to see her. Suddenly, everyone loses consciousness. Emma has double-crossed the X-Men and is working with the Hellfire Club to get the Phoenix.