The Avengers #263: What Lurks Below?

To avoid the police, three wanted men (aka the Enclave) on a chartered flight attempt to take off before clearance is granted. They crash into the Jamaica Bay off JFK in order to avoid a 747 plane.

While jetting around New York City, Captain Marvel of the Avengers witnesses the explosion coming from the Jamaica Bay. The FBI had successfully retrieved the wrecked plane and the three men. They had also sent divers to investigate what caused the explosion, but the divers had mysteriously been expelled out of the water like “missiles”. Captain Marvel dives into the water to investigate the energy source and finds a cocoon emitting energy.

With the help of the rest of the Avengers, they are able to retrieve the cocoon from the bottom of the bay and bring it back to the Avengers Mansion. While the Avengers hurriedly prep for an emergency situation, they leave the laboratory where for a split second, Jean Grey reveals herself within the cocoon.

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