X-Factor #17: Die, Mutants, Die!

Iceman is returned to X-Factor after being abducted by Loki. Hank, Rusty, Skids and Cameron Hodge are there to receive him. The encounter with Loki has left Iceman unable to control his ice form and needs the assistance of Rusty to thaw him. Hank breaks the bad news of Warren’s suicide to Bobby, who had returned just in time for Warren’s funeral.

Scott, Jean, Hank and Bobby arrive at the church, to be greeted by “demonstrators and riot troops”. Scott is disappointed that none of the X-Men, their former team mates, are present to pay their respects. But Caliban and Leech have braved the rioters to come to the funeral.

Trish Tilby is reporting Warren’s funeral for W-ARC. Bobby is angry at Trish for slandering Warren’s reputation. He lashes out and his powers get out of control, but luckily Leech is there to help cancel out his powers. Cameron Hodge steps in to handle Trish. Scott, Jean, Hank and Bobby step inside the church only to find the altar and Warren’s casket vandalised.

Scott, Jean, Hank, Bobby and Hodge return from the church, bringing Caliban and Leech with them. Artie is happy to see his friend, Leech, again. The phone rings, with the governor of San Francisco calling X-Factor to help with threats from Rictor, from the mutant group called the X-Terminators. Hodge declines sending help as X-Factor is in mourning. Before Jean can talk to the governor, he hangs up. Miffed, Jean reminds Hodge that their mutant persona is X-Terminator and someone’s setting them up and they can’t turn a blind eye to that. Bobby suggests they go as X-Terminators to set the record straight that mutants are not all bad. Caliban offers to help track down the impostors.

Jean tells Skids and Boom Boom to inform Scott of the new plan. The girls find him on the roof talking to himself and lashing out at ghosts. Jean arrives to calm Scott down. Boom Boom runs off to find Bobby, who is busy with Hank. Feeling ignored, sets off a bomb in Hank’s lab and takes off. She disappears, and Hank and Bobby have no time to track her down. Scott, Jean, Hank, Bonny and Caliban leave for California.

Back at the X-Factor complex, Rusty, together with Skids, Artie and Leech, are suspicious of the recent weird activity: Bobby’s disappearance, Scott’s mental state, and now Boom Boom’s disappearance as she is no where to be found. They decide to investigate and overhear Hodge in his office making a phone call to the X-Terminator impostors.

Scanning San Francisco by helicopter, Caliban detects a mutant presence coming from a building. Upon closer inspection, they come to find themselves under attack by helicopters. After Cyclops takes one of the helicopters out, the rest retreat, letting them land on the roof to investigate and find Rictor.

They find Rictor, imprisoned and sending shockwaves through the building. Feeling the building might crumble at any second, Iceman freezes the entire building, but himself along with it. They free Rictor and escape to the helicopter just before the building collapses.

They then find themselves chased by police helicopters. Iceman manages to convince the police that they are the good mutants who rescued a kid who was being tortured into destroying the city.

With his plan backfired, Hodge hastily replies to his contact that Cyclops, not Iceman, is the leader, and his close to nervous breakdown will bring X-Factor down.

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