X-Factor #19: All Together Now!

Scott and Jean’s fight caused some damage to Scott’s penthouse at the X-Factor complex. Realizing that they’ve caught onto his scam, Cameron Hodge has fled the premises. Scott muses that Xavier would disapprove of them pretending to be “human mutant hunters”. Jean has Rusty and Skids take Leech to get something to eat so she and Scott can use their powers to finish cleaning up the wreckage.

Scott’s guilt is tearing him apart: losing his family after walking out on Maddie and getting her killed, buying into Hodge’s “manipulation” and nearly killing Jean. he intends on disbanding X-Factor.

Beast, Iceman and Caliban are still searching for Boom Boom. Iceman suspects that Boom Boom had been abducted and Hodge sent them out in search of her to get them away from X-Factor. In a rage, Iceman accidentally freezes a building, sending people into a panic and the police after them.

Iceman is unable to stop his powers and his constant ice trail is giving him away. To stop infighting amongst his Horsemen and encourage team work, Apocalypse sends three of his Horsemen, War, Pestilence and Famine, after Beast, Iceman and Caliban.

Back in the X-Factor training room, Jean has set up a session to help Leech to control his powers, and also to show Scott that despite X-Factor’s bad image, they are still able to help other mutants. Rusty and Skids interrupt with live news of Beast, Iceman and Caliban “in trouble”. Scott declines to help, feeling like a danger to society. Jean convinces him not to be defeated by Hodge and to save their friends.

Famine has destroyed Iceman’s ice slide, sending him, Beast and Caliban crashing to the ground. Cyclops and Marvel Girl catch up to their team mates in Central Park. War crashes one of the police helicopters following Iceman. While Marvel Girl uses her telekinesis to save the helicopter, she is stunned by an attack from Pestilence. Beast suffers a touch from Pestilence and is taken seriously ill. Angered, Marvel Girl uproots a tree and swings it into Pestilence, knocking her off her flying horse. She falls into a crowd of people who have gathered around the fight. Some bystanders are taken ill as Pestilence fights off the crowd to escape.

Cyclops commands Iceman to freeze everything around them, the best compromise to allow Iceman to relief himself while attempting to stop the Horsemen. But Apocalypse teleports his Horsemen to safety.

Still, at the end of the day, Cyclops’s quick thinking saved themselves and the city from Apocalypse’s attack. Xavier would have been proud of his leadership.

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