X-Factor #21: For Every Action...

Cameron Hodge returns to X-Factor for the reading of Warren’s will as he is still the team’s “public relations director”. X-Factor is not thrilled to see him. Scott blames Hodge’s campaign that put X-Factor in business for creating anti-mutant “paranoia that ultimately caused Warren’s death.

Scott also has a personal score to settle with Hodge regarding the Phoenix hologram. But the evidence has disappeared from his computer and Scott is not able to prove anything. Unhappy with Hodge, the team terminates Hodge’s employment with X-Factor.

Caliban hears the commotion and approaches X-Factor. He too is upset over Warren’s death, and the fact that his powers are not suited for combat, making him useless in the field. Bobby offers to teach Caliban “unarmed combat”. Scott intends to disband X-Factor.

Hank and the kids play chess and watch the news broadcast on the protestors gathered outside the Worthington building. The kids worry about the future of X-Factor but Hank reassures them that Warren’s fortune had been left to X-Factor.

While the various members of X-Factor dress for the reading of the will, Hodge is busy plotting against X-Factor.

Arriving at the Worthington building, Jean is disgusted at the presence of the protestors and Trish Tilby. At the reading, Warren’s will dictates that all his fortune be left to X-Factor and “administered by Cameron Hodge”. X-Factor is shocked at this revelation.

Exiting the reading, X-Factor is immediately confronted by Trish. It is through her that the teams learns of Hodge’s secret petition to have Warren declared incompetent, setting off a chain of events that led Warren to his death. Wanting to stop Hodge’s campaign and set the records straight, Scott agrees to give Trish an exclusive interview to expose the truth.

Hodge sets his plan of attack in motion, commanding an army in robotic suits to target the X-Factor team, who have been passing for humans. His plan was to expose the X-Factor team as mutants, showing how they deceived the public and that they are dangerous. X-Factor manages to flee the scene. Hodge is revealed to be working for Apocalypse.

Meanwhile, Hodge has also launched a simultaneous attack on the kids at the X-Factor complex.

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