X-Men Unlimited (Vol 1) #26: Day of Judgment

The X-Men are on the Blue Area of the Moon defending Earth from an invasion by the Shi’ar, under Apocalypse’s command.

Siphon, a member of the X-Men, uses her “optic energy” in a similar fashion to the late Cyclops. Phoenix remarks that seeing Siphon use her powers still makes her uncomfortable as it “reminds [her] too much of Scott”. Despite the years that have passed, “the hurt has never gone away”. A constant reminder of her beloved husband.

Excalibur and the Skrulls led by Xavier, join the X-Men in their fight against the Shi’ar. With the help of Mastermind(’s daughter), Phoenix conjures an illusion of the Dark Phoenix, scaring away the Shi’ar army. The X-Men have won this battle.