X-Men Unlimited (Vol 1) #42: It’s the Thought that Counts

Jean returns to the mansion after a day of shopping, excited about her new boots. But upon entering, she finds the mansion deserted. She walks past the living room and finds it in disarray. Immediately, Jean thinks that the mansion had come under attack while she was out.

Suddenly, she is telepathically contacted by Professor X. He instructs her to head to the Danger Room. Jean drops her bags and rushes into the Danger Room, thinking that the professor might be in trouble.

Instead, she walks into a training session, which she easily defeats. Jean is getting upset that her friends might be hurt. Then, Professor X contacts her again, telling her to go to the den. She opens the door and walks into her surprise birthday party.

Professor X and Hank explain that Jean had returned earier than expected, so they had to distract her with the Danger Room while they “relocate[d]” the party to the den. Hank gifts Jean with a cake he baked himself. Bobby gifts Jean with an ice sculpture, meant to be a swan that she misidentifies as a goose, to his dismay. Warren gifts Jean a pair of diamond earrings. Scott gifts Jean a framed photo of “the first day [they] got [their] ‘frumpy’ uniforms”. Scott’s gift is best appreciated by Jean and he receives a kiss from Jean, much to the jealousy of the other boys.

Last but not least, it is Professor X’s turn. His gift to Jean is inspired by Scott’s gift. He encourages her to “try it on”. Jean leaves to get changed. She returns shortly in a short green dress, paired with the yellow knee-high boots she bought for herself. Her new X-Men uniform is applauded by all the boys. As they fight over who is going to get Jean a drink, Jean takes the moment to thank the professor for her gift with a hug.