X-Men (Vol 2) #24: Digging Deeper Between Hope and Sorrow

Scott Summers returns after taking a brief leave of absence to clear his mind regarding recent events, his inflatuation with Psylocke and his strained relationship with Jean Grey. He visited his grandparents in Alaska, and told them the truth about his ex-wife Madelyne and his son Nathan who was sent into the future to save him from the techno-organic virus.

At Westchester County Airport, Jean is there to greet him. Jean is lost in her thoughts as she wonders around the airport. She worries about how recent events have impacted her relationship with Scott, and how in this time of “further tragedy” will affect them.

But when the two meet face to face, there are no words as the couple lock lips in a deep kiss.

Scott: “I’m sorry, Jean -- For everything -- For not having seen how I was hurting you for leaving.”
Jean: “Shhh -- Scott -- It’s all right -- We don’t have to talk about it --”
Scott: “No -- Jean, please. It’s not all right, and we do have to talk about it! I want to talk about it! No psychic rapport, no mutant gimmicks, but good, old-fashioned communication.”
Jean: “Okay, good -- Great -- So I’ll drive and you’ll talk and I’ll listen -- And we’ll find each other again, Scott. But you have to promise me that no matter what happens in the future -- no matter how painful -- how difficult -- We face it together.”
Scott: “That’s a promise, Ms. Grey. I’m never leaving you again.”

Back at the mansion, Scott tells Xavier about his run in with Mr Sinister during his visit at his grandparents’, and what he knows about the deadly Legacy Virus that has claimed the lives of mutants including that of Colossus’ sister, Illyana.

Scott and Jean retire to their shared quarters for the night.

Jean: “So what now, Scott? The dream we’ve held inside our hearts for so long keeps skipping a beat. Everything around us seems to be falling apart. Where does that leave the two of us?”
Scott: “We come together, Jean. Like I promised at the airport. More than ever before -- I need your help to make my way through the tough times. Lord knows we’ve had enough of them.”
Jean: “We’ll protect each other, Slim. We’ll make it through the coldest of nights, m’love...The darkest days...Together -- No one on earth will ever take that from us -- No one...”