X-Men (Vol 2) #28: Devil in the House

Jubilee is having a nightmare being chased through the woods by Sabretooth. Professor Xavier had accepted Sabretooth into the Institute, leaving everyone in the Institute uncomfortable and even afraid. Jubilee wakes up screaming. She is being comforted by Jean.

Jean is unnerved and calls for a private meeting with Scott, Ororo and Hank at Harry’s Hideaway. They discuss their concerns about Xavier’s decision. Even though the Institute was a place to help mutants with their developing powers, Sabretooth’s sanity was in question, as well as the fact that he was an adult and “already has complete control over those powers”. Jean is still troubled.

The legacy virus has infected Revanche. While Xavier has a vague understanding of the symptoms, there isn’t a cure for the virus. Meanwhile, Psylocke attempts to take on Sabretooth, but fails. Sabretooth, addicted to “the glow”, wants Jean to give it to him. Xavier, Moira and Sean observe the battle. Rogue delivers Sabretooth’s meal to his cell while Gambit expresses his sound disapproval. Sabretooth threatens their relationship with knowledge of one of Gambit’s dark secrets.

A livid Jean confronts Xavier on his decision to let Sabretooth stay in the Institute. Xavier explains that he only wants to keep Sabretooth from doing harm to more people. Scott feels that Jean getting upset about Sabretooth has more to do with Logan rather than Sabretooth. This upsets Scott as well since they are about to get married. Jean feels guilty, and intends to confront her personal demons and fears once and for all.

Jean enters Sabretooth’s cell to take on Sabretooth. Scott, Xavier, Moira and Sean watch on as Jean telepathically attacks Sabretooth. She tells him she isn’t threatened by him and that Logan is better than he’ll ever be, that he’s nothing more than a bully. He demands for “the glow” and Jean tells him to get it himself.

The next morning, Jubilee delivers Sabretooth his breakfast, intent on facing her own fears as well.