X-Men (Vol 2) #30: The Ties That Bind

The all important landmark issue in which Scott and Jean tie the knot on 8th January, 1994!

The scene opens with Jean being fitted for the finishing touches to her wedding gown by Storm, her maid of honour and Elaine Grey, her mother. Her daughter, Rachel, from an alternate future, looks on as Jean reads the note which Wolverine had left for her and Scott (and wouldn’t be attending the ceremony due to personal reasons). A lot of mother-daughter bonding is seen.

Jean (to Elaine): “You’re one-in-a-million, you know that?”
Elaine: “Actually, I was thinking the same thing about you.”

Jean (to Rachel): “But I have to tell you, if today’s wedding means that there’s even the slightest chance -- That tomorrow I’ll have Rachel Summers for a daughter -- Then that makes this [wedding] twice as much of a blessing.”

The mansion and it’s surroundings is warm and sunny despite being in the middle of winter, thanks to Storm. Meanwhile, in another part of the mansion, the men (Alex, Hank, Warren and Bobby) are trying to figure out the bow tie problem for Scott.

Hank: “Bobby, we seem to have encountered an opponent far more dangerous than Magneto -- More devious than Mr Sinister -- More dastardly than --”
Warren: “Hank, give it a rest and give it to me. It’s a bow tie, for crying out loud! How hard could it be to figure out?”
Alex: “Gee, I don’t know, Warren Worthington, society-boy -- Didn’t you always used to just wear clip-ons?”
Scott: “I’m doomed. I swear, Alex, squaring off against any villain you pick is less nerve-wracking than this morning has been!”
Alex: “Big brother, contrary to what Bobby says, this is the first day of the rest of your life!”

It is at this point in time when Charles Xavier enters the room and easily handles the bow tie problem. He hands it to Scott, as well as his blessings. They all leave the room together. While Xavier switches from his hover chair to a normal wheelchair for the benefit of guests who do not know, he drops a note from Wolverine. Rachel picks it up for him.

All the guests are seated. Scott and Alex take their places at the altar as groom and best man respectively. The crowd is still restless, until Lila Ceney begins the wedding march. Maid-of-Honour Storm makes her way down the aisle and takes her place at the altar. Jean is then accompanied by John Grey, her father, down the aisle.

Xavier: “As Jean walks down the aisle with her father, the one shining thought beaming from Scott is as simple as it is truthful...‘She is the most beautiful woman in the world.’”

Before the couple take their vows, the minister ties both their wrists with a sash, serving as “a symbol of the matrimonial ties. The sacred pact [they] make before God, an exclamation of love, which will serve [them] through good times and bad”. The wedding vows are written by Scott and Jean themselves.

Scott: “There were times I was lost, and you found me.”
Jean: “There were days which were heavy, and you lightened my heart.”
Scott: “Though it all, since the day when we met, there was you for me, and me for you. That hasn’t changed. That will never change.”
Jean: “Times have been good, and times have been good, and times have been bad, and still, our love has endured and triumphed -- I take Scott Summers to be my lawfully wedded husband.”
Scott: “I take Jean Grey to be my lawfully wedded wife.”
Both: “Through pain and passion, through sorrow and hope, though death and through life. No matter what tomorrow may bring, we will face it together.”

Xavier: “And what a kiss we see indeed! The hoorays start with Jubilee; the applause, I realize, much to my surprise, starts with me.”

Scott and Jean take to the floor with the first dance to U2’s “One”. Then Jean turns to dance with her father.

Outside, Sabertooth watches, maybe with ill intent. He is attacked on the back by none other than Wolverine.

Inside, the guests mingle at the wedding reception. Friends, lovers, even enemies such as Cable and Valerie Cooper. During the bouquet tossing, Rogue catches it with the aid of her powers. Then there’s the garter tossing for the men, which Gambit lays claim to it and puts it on Rogue. There’s cake smashing by the bride as well. At the end of the day when most of the guests have left except close family and friends, Jean shares the last dance with Xavier with the aid of her telekinesis.

Jean (to Xavier): “My mother taught me to save the last dance for the man who brought you to the ball. And that man, dear Charles...would by you.”

Before leaving for his honeymoon, Scott pays his respects to Xavier in his study. He voices how grateful he is to Xavier for his “guidance” and “courage...for the sense of purpose [Xavier’s] given [him]” and that he loves him a father.

After Scott has left, Xavier goes through his mail. He comes across Wolverine’s note which just states “Dear Chuck, Lighten up. Yer Ol’ Pal, Logan”. Suddenly, all the tension and melancholy is dissipated as Xavier’s laughter echoes through the house.

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