X-Men (Vol 2) #38: Smoke and Mirrors

After all the ups and downs, the X-Men find some peaceful times. Charles Xavier has installed a new name plate on the front gates of the Xavier Institute, reflecting “the goals [they] strive towards can certainly be seen in a more positive light”. Scott, Jean and Xavier share some light-hearted banter between each other as they head back into the mansion.

Beast is analyzing the Legacy Virus. Bobby tries to get him out of his lab and join him in the pool, but more importantly, someone to talk to about what’s troubling him. But what Beast is more concerned about is finding a way to stop the virus.

Rogue joins Bobby at the pool. As she dives off the platform, Bobby plays a joke on her and freezes the pool. Rogue is livid that he is pranking on her and tells him to do something about his own problems because he can. Bobby makes a deal with Rogue: He’d work on his own problems if she works on her relationship problems.

Jean is engaged in a psychic battle on the astral plane with Psylocke in the Danger Room. Jean is training with Psylocke to help “refine” her telepathic abilities. They talk about Kwannon and Psylocke’s flirtation with Jean’s husband, Scott. Still harbouring mild anger towards Betsy, she finds it easier to attack Psylocke’s weak mental blocks. Jean takes Psylocke down just as Cyclops come in to ask them if they were done with the Danger Room. As the two women leave, Cyclops wonders what they are laughing about.

Cyclops is in the Danger Room monitoring Sabretooth’s exercise when Gambit comes in bearing news for Cyclops. Jean was hoping to be able to spring Cyclops from his duties to rearrange furniture in their boathouse. Cyclops corrects himself that there are things “worse than baby-sitting Creed”.

In the Roswell State Mininum Security Prison, a man named Adam seeks the help of Carter Ryking for information about someone who knew Ryking’s father. Ryking refers Adam to Charles Xavier.

Xavier and Bishop are sieving through the mess in the Ready Room that had been destroyed previously. Bishop asks Xavier if there is any way to retrieve the lost information, and Xavier tells him that there is one mutant they can approach as a last resort.

David Haller, son of Xavier lies in a coma in a hospital, his actions coming back to haunt him in his dreams.

Gambit takes on Sabretooth in the Danger Room. He seeks vengeance for Sabretooth using his dark past against him to try and break him and Rogue up. Gambit notices that Rogue has been listening. She confronts Gambit, that it will never work out between them unless they learn to “accept what they’ve done in [their] lives”.

Bobby goes back to Beast’s lab to find Hank. He’s still feeling down, but tries to take interest in Hank’s experiments. After Hank finishes explaining everything he knows about the virus, Bobby confides in his best buddy his lack of self-worth after Emma Frost pointed out that he was “a lame excuse for a human being”. Hank decides that he could leave his work for a few hours to cheer up a friend.

Later that day, Scott and Jean find Xavier back at the front gate of the Xavier Institute. Xavier questions the possibility of ever reaching their goals. Jean reassures him that “it will” and “it has to”.