X-Men (Vol 2) #39: Birds of a Feather

Captain Philip Summers is having a flashback. During World War I he was a fighter pilot assigned to take out the German fighter pilots. Despite having to fight in the war, Philip is still as passionate about flying and he will fly “until the day he dies”.

While trekking in the Canadian Yukon wilderness, Adam comes across a burning plane that had crashed in the woods. He quickly rushes to the aid of the unconscious pilot, an old man. Adam barely gets the pilot to safety when the plane explodes.

Back in Westchester, New York, Hank finds Jean in a daze on the pier by the boathouse. Jean blames herself for not finding her sister, Sara in time before the Phalanx destroyed her. Just then, Jean senses that Scott has received some bad news through their psychic rapport. His grandmother had called to inform Scott that his grandfather, Philip Summers, is missing after he went flying. Scott packs hastily to rush up north to help look for his grandfather. Jean offers to tag along to help him look.

Jean: “I’m coming, too. I might be able to scan for Philip telepathically -- And I’ll be able to help you, as well.”
Scott: “Me?
Jean: “When you found out that Mr Sinister had been surveilling your grandparents -- you tried to get them to move away from Alaska and closer to you. Their refusal has been eating at you ever since, hasn’t it?”
Scott: “It’s tough being married to a telepath, you know.”
Jean: “It’s tougher being a telepath married to such a painfully guarded man, you know.”
Scott: “I guess that’s why we work so well together.”
Jean: “Scott...I know we’ll find Philip -- And he’ll be all right. He has to be.”

Adam trudges through the snow with the old pilot on a makeshift gurney, trying to get him to a hospital as soon as possible. While taking a rest, the pilot awakens. He tells Adam his name is Philip Summers. Adam and Philip take shelter for the night and talk among themselves. Adam is envious that Philip has a family while he grew up “alone” and “outcast”. Philip says that Adam reminded him a lot of his grandson, Scott. Adam is worried that Philip might not make it through the night.

In Israel’s Negev Desert, David Haller wonders through the sand dunes in search of a man named Charles Xavier, his father. He is driven by visions to fulfill his “destiny”.

In New Orleans, Bella Donna, daughter of the late leader of the Assassin’s guild, rises to the occasion to succeed her father. She seeks revenge, especially against Gambit.

Back in the wilderness, Adam tries to keep a weakening Philip warm. Philip senses that Adam is not from this world, that he is an alien. Philip asks Adam to show him “the star where [he] came from”. Adam finds that Philip’s pulse is weakening, and he makes one last attempt to save Philip’s life, with his healing powers.

In the morning, a rescue chopper finds Philip and Adam. Philip is rushed to a hospital in Anchorage, Alaska. Two days later, Philip is recovering steadily, but has lost his eyesight. As Scott, Jean, Deborah (Scott’s grandmother) and Mr Ridge (who flew the rescue chopper) chat among themselves over some refreshments, Jean telepathically picks up Adam’s signature in Philip’s ward. Adam wishes that Jean, as a telepath, would let Philip see the stars through his eyes and mind.

Scott comes up later to find Jean staring out the same window Adam had been a few moments ago before he simply vanished.