X-Men (Vol 2) #92: Dream’s End Pt II: Pressure Points

Scott and Jean have returned from their retirement to the Institute. They had received a call from Storm that Professor Xavier is in bad shape and the X-Men need their help. Jean telepathically senses “a riot of emotions” from the entire mansion. Just as the couple arrive, Gambit takes off, fed up with the Professor’s erratic behaviour. Meanwhile, Xavier requests a private conversation with Jean.

Elsewhere, a group of siblings who call themselves Mannites have run away from home and dragged their reluctant sister, Nina, along with them. They all have been having visions of bad things to come. The Mannites need Nina to help the traumatised latest addition to their family.

Back at the mansion, Scott tries to drill Storm for answers on Xavier’s mysterious behaviour. Personally, Scott is a little upset over the whole matter because he and Jean had “other plans” that did not involve the X-Men in their futures. Finally, Jean re-emerges from Xavier’s room and tells Scott that Xavier asks to see him as well.

Kitty finds Rogue packing her bags to get out of the mansion for awhile. Rogue suggests that Kitty tag along but Kitty is worried about Kurt not adapting well since their return from the Excalibur team. Rogue tells Kitty that they’ll just have to invite Kurt along. Kitty phases through the floor to Kurt’s room below. Piotr is worried about Marrow after her “radical physical metamorphosis” and confides in Kurt. Kitty interrupts them, asking if they’d like to join her and Rogue on their road trip. Piotr goes off to invite Marrow along as well.

Deathbird tricks Bishop to an alien “planetary body” on the account of discovering “terrestrial mutant D.N.A.” and takes him out when he is distracted.

As Rogue, Kitty, Kurt, Piotr and Marrow take their leave, Xavier emerges from his solitary confinement and completely spoils the mood of the happy group. He accuses these X-Men of being “quitters and cowards”. Disappointed, he banishes them if they should leave. He can “build another [team] in [their] place”. Ororo tells them that it’s best that they leave for the moment. Scott comes to the defence of his team mates.

Scott: “Hang on, Sir -- That’s not fair -- You can’t talk to them like that! Most of these X-Men have been loyal to you for years now...”
Xavier: “As were you once. But you have made your position all too clear Cyclops...You want to retire. To raise a family of your own, correct? I do not hold it against you, I assure you. Do what you must, Scott...And leave me to do the same. Goodbye.”

With that, Xavier takes his leave.

In the meantime, Nina tries to connect telepathically with her youngest Mannite sibling and sees the vision that has horrified the baby. Nina tells the Mannites that they need Xavier’s help.

Xavier discusses his new plans with Storm. Wolverine chips in and offers his help and opinion, recommending that they should source for new team members from Generation X. Xavier tells him outright that he isn’t sure he can trust Wolverine. Angered, Wolverine storms out. Xavier tells Storm to start with X-Force.

Scott and Jean are outside sending Rogue, Kitty, Kurt, Piotr and Marrow off.

Piotr: “Before we go our separate ways, Scott, I would like to ask you one thing -- do you truly plan to ‘retire’ from this life?”
Scott: “Not so much a plan, Piotr...More like a dream, I guess. My own dream. To find a life of my own with Jean, and raising kids. Nothing more than a normal, real life.” (Scott embraces Jean as the five of them take off.) “Some dreams die of neglect, though. And some die before they’re even born...”

When Bishop awakens, he is baffled to find himself in the Nevada desert, 43 miles from Las Vegas.

Nina summons her powers to try and reach Xavier.

Scott tries to calm a raging Wolverine. Jean’s telepathy acts up and she manifests a vision of Nina. Jean tells Nina that Xavier isn’t available to help her currently, but Scott and Wolverine assures her that the X-Men are more than ready to.

Scott and Jean’s adventures continue in: Astonishing X-Men (Vol 2) #1