X-Men (Vol 3) Giant-Size #1: First to Last Pt I

Scott is asleep when in his dreams, he sees Jean as Marvel Girl urging him “ to remember”. He awakens and sees Emma standing where Jean was. He is alerted to loud sounds of commotions, and is angry that Emma let him sleep through an attack from enemies bearing similar markings to the Neo, who are “supposed to be dead”.

The Neo is “an offshoot species of mutantkind”, evolved to be more physically powerful, and have “stayed hidden for centuries”. “The Guardian Clan of the Neo” have come to demand answers as to why they are unable to reproduce but there has been a “mutant birth” and new mutants are manifesting their powers.

Cyclops attempts to calm the Neo and have Dr Rao released, and agrees to explain what has happened. Wolverine decides to take matters into his own hands and attacks Rao’s captor from behind. This angers the Neo and the battle continues. Suddenly, Cyclops goes into a trance-like state, saying the “Evolutionaries” are returning.

Cyclops’ mind is brought back to the early days of the X-Men. And they are currently busy battling the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Suddenly, Magneto has his team stand down and Cyclops suspects something is not right. A sentinel emerges from their trail of battle dust, and is commanded to exterminate them. The Brotherhood retreats, leaving the X-Men to fight the sentinel alone. When they finally take down the sentinel and the win is imminent, Xavier orders his X-Men back to the Institute.

Xavier explains that he had learned of three more sentinels sent to their location and “had [they] stayed, they all would have died”. Thus he called them back. And they had completed their original mission, which was to stop Magneto from launching missiles. And that in itself was a trap set by Magneto, to show Xavier that humankind is evil and seeks to destroy mutants. Cyclops is threatened by the sentinels and pursues a heated discussion with Xavier about the threat to mutants. Xavier fears his student is siding with his former friend, Magneto.

Without warning, a flash of blue light heralds the arrival of the “Evolutionaries”. They are not here to attack, but to preserve mutantkind whom they sense are in danger.

For now, that is all Cyclops can remember as the Evolutionaries “made [him] forget”. But he thinks that Jean found a way to remember what happened. Before he can reach out to Xavier and Hank, the Evolutionaries return.

The Evolutionaries seek to destroy the Neo as they “present a clear threat to homo superior”. In an instant, all the Neo clans around the world are obliterated.

Back in his youth when Cyclops encountered the Evolutionaries, they sought to kill of homo sapien so homo superior will survive, just as they caused the extinction of the neanderthals so homo sapien would live. They watch and protect the newly emerging species “until they can protect themselves” and rise to dominate.

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