The Life and Times of Lucas Bishop #3

When Lucas Bishop was a little boy, his grandmother would tell him the story about how the X-Men fought for the freedom of mutants but failed in the end to stop the Sentinels and the relentless war against mutants. Thus the reason Lucas Bishop and his family are in “camps”. His grandmother tells him to have faith that the future will become brighter.

Now an adult and a cop for the Xavier Security Enforcers (XSE), Bishop is reminded of his grandmother’s story as he is in pursuit of rogue officer Fitzroy who had killed his sister Shard. Fitzroy had infiltrated the area where the X-Men once lived to steal information. Fitzroy later breaks out of prison and travels back in time. Bishop and his team follow Fitzroy into the past. Fitzroy is killed. Bishop’s team is attacked by a mob and perishes but Bishop survives and finds himself stuck in this time. He meets the X-Men.

The X-Men think that Bishop is a mutant stirring up trouble, and subdues him and takes him back to the mansion. Xavier invites Bishop to join the X-Men. There, he meets another time traveller, Cable, who shares his sentiments about being “displaced in time”. Bishop fights alongside the X-Men for years. Then, “M-Day” happened, and he remembers his grandmother’s stories of the mutants who “lost their special gifts”, and later of the birth of the “messiah baby”.

Bishop believes this baby may be the reason behind the bleak future he came from, and sets out to find the baby himself in secret. He finally tracks down Cable, who had stolen the baby to protect her, but cannot bring himself to kill the baby in the end.