Marvel Valentine Special

Jean receives a special gift from Scott on Valentine’s Day that brings back “a very special memory”: a cactus.

During their honeymoon, she and Scott were sent into the future to raise Scott’s son, Nathan. As the Dayspring family, they were constantly travelling to protect and hide Nathan from Apocalypse.

Jean remembers the tough trek “across the great Southwestern desert” where they were attacked by “sand raiders”. Even with their mutant powers, Scott and Jean barely fend off the attackers. Jean get a concussion and Scott sustains an injury to his bad leg. Nathan is left shaken by the ordeal and frightened that they are going to die in the endless desert.

In an attempt to lift Nathan’s spirits, Scott tells his son that they will find a way to “survive in this desert”, just as the humble cactus is able to thrive in it. He is determined to get his family to the safety of an oasis for “travellers in distress”.

Scott encourages his family onwards, and they walk all day under the “blistering heat” until night falls and they are exhausted. They “huddle together” to keep warm and fight the desert cold.

The next morning, just as Scott is ready to give up, he sees a young cactus emerging from the sand and remembers his own advice. Finding strength through love, they climb one sand dune at a time, until they arrive at their destination.

Scott returns in time to see that his wife has received his gift. As the couple reminisce, Jubilee leaves them be and oblivious to the significance of the cactus.