WildC.A.T.S. #8

Scott and Jean are on a cruise ship, en route to St Barts for their honeymoon.

Ever on the alert, Scott is distracted by an android member of the Wildcats suffering a short-circuit. Jean quickly coaxes her husband back into the state of honeymoon bliss, before he ruins it for the both of them.

Scott: “Did you see that man over there, honey? You don’t suppose he could be a mu--”
Jean: “Stop that right now, you hear me? We’re finally on our honeymoon--Let’s just try and enjoy ourselves while we can.”
Scott: “Uhhh, of course. You’re absolutely right. It’s just that I thought...Well, never mind.”

But little do they know their honeymoon will soon turn into an adventure of a lifetime, and more than they bargained for.

The honeymoon escapades continue in The Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix #1.