Wolverine #115: In the Face of It

In New Mexico, the former “Hulkbuster Base” has been taken over by Bastion. It is where he has taken the X-Men hostage.

One of his captives, Jubilee, is brought out to witness the capture of her teammates. She is enraged and in despair, and in desperation, she attacks Bastion by biting him on the arm. Bastion punches her in the face and takes her out.

Meanwhile, Storm, Cannonball, Cyclops, Phoenix and Wolverine are separated into their individual containment units. Seeing Wolverine sustained “heavy damage”, his disposal is ordered. Wolverine’s containment gear is removed before he is placed in the incinerator. But his healing factor kicks in and Wolverine breaks out of the incinerator and takes out the guards. Bastion is immediately alerted.

In one cell, Cannonball is being assaulted by some guards. Another guard walks in and starts shooting at the ceiling, taking out the security cameras. He is revealed to be Wolverine in disguise and liberates Cannonball from his cell. When the cameras are taken out, Bastion orders the hidden cameras online and is outraged to find out Cannonball’s guards have been “compromised”. Bastion demands “full security alert”.

Gathering his right hand woman, Daria and a few Sentinel guards, Bastion heads for the surface via a shaft elevator. He meets some guards along the way, and informs them to gun down anyone who didn’t know the changed password.

What the guards didn’t know, what the Phoenix had telepathically disguised her and her X-Men teammates as Bastion, Daria and the Sentinels and those guards ended up shooting their own people. It was then the real Bastion became aware of the X-Men’s escape plan. He seals the surface door and sends a whole slew of Sentinels to stop the X-Men.

Summoning her powers of lightning, Storm easily takes out the Sentinels. Cyclops attempts to blast the door down with his optic blasts, but the door did not even dent. More Sentinels are sent in to attack the X-Men.

In the main control room, Jubilee forces her way in and opens the door, letting the X-Men escape.

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