Factor X #4: Reckonings

Apocalypse has given orders to cull all the prisoners in the pens. Alex now assumes command of the troops. On top of carrying out Apocalypse’s orders, he demands that the head of his brother, Scott, be brought to him. Scott and Jean have to act swiftly if they want to stop the massacre of prisoners.

Scott: “It’s worse than I feared, Jean. We don’t have much time before the blood starts flowing -- Then we have to hit the Black Tower now. If we shut down the Brain Trust -- We can eliminate the psionic broadcast that is psychically doping the prisoners. I can get you in through the service tunnels -- But do you think you can take on six telepathic brains by yourself?”
Jean: “Since our encounter with Nate, I’ve felt like a floodgate’s been opened in my mind -- And I’m more psionically charged than I’ve ever been.”
Scott: “I felt something between the three of us as well --”
Jean: “A connection? This may sound crazy -- But I think in another world things might have been very different for us.”
Scott: “Maybe --”

Scott and Jean are stopped in their tracks by the Bedlam brothers. Oddly, they share Scott’s sentiment of not wanting to be “a part of Apocalypse’s genocidal machinations any longer”. The brothers let Scott and Jean pass to carry on with their plans while they help them hold back the Guthrie siblings.

Making their way into the Black Tower, Scott finds his optics shutting down. Jean tells him that the six linked telepaths are “psychically restraining” them. The brains increase their attack when Jean psionically attacks them, but she manages to overcome them and destroys them.

The Bedlam brothers regroup with Scott and Jean in the Black Tower, inquiring Scott if he needs more assistance. Jean asks them to help create a blackout, and Scott sends them to “disable the main generators”.

With the power out and the prisoners mentally freed, Scott and Jean assist the prisoners quickly. Unfortunately, all the prisoners start panicking. Jean plans to link their minds telepathically to Scott’s so he can mentally show them the way out.

Meanwhile, Alex has discovered about the blackout and confronts Scott and Jean in the pens. Alex stuns Scott from behind. Still weak from fighting the brains, Jean is slow in attacking Alex but Scott jumps right back into the fight with Alex and knocks Alex out cold.

Scott: “I won’t kill my brother. My hands are stained with too much blood from the years I blindly followed Sinister and Apocalypse.”
Jean: “This war’s made us all do things we regret -- But for what it’s worth, there’s a part of you Sinister couldn’t manipulate -- Someplace that wasn’t corrupted by the cruelty and hatred around you.”
Scott: “I wonder if that’s enough?”
Jean: “I believe in redemption. And now, more than ever -- I believe in you, Scott Summers.”
Scott: “That means a lot to me...you mean a lot...”
Jean: “We’ll have time to talk about that later...”

And together, Scott and Jean lead the prisoners towards freedom.

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