X-Men: Omega: ...Endings

Hand in hand, Scott and Jean lead the prisoners over the bridge into New Jersey. Silently, Alex stalks them in the rear of the pack.

Suddenly, Jean stops dead in her tracks. Telepathically, she senses that the Human High Council have “unleashed the bombs”. Desperately, she throws up a telekinetic shield, hoping it would hold back the bombs. She doesn’t notice Wolverine parachuting down from above. He had been sent to deploy the missiles, and now he seeks “to make his own peace”.

Alex attacks Jean from behind, killing her with a blow. Scott is enraged, but Alex keeps attacking till he kills Scott. Alex is in turn killed by Wolverine, who watches as his beloved Jean dies, and Scott lain over her body.

(As the Age of Apocalypse is a very complicated arc in itself, I have only put up the parts of these three issues featuring Scott and Jean together in it. If you are interested in the entire Age of Apocalypse story, you can check out Marvel’s compiled Age of Apocalypse arc in four paperback books.)

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