X-Men Noir #1: Part One

It is Peter Magnus’ first murder investigation. All the other detectives, including his partner Fred Dukes, gives him a hard time because he is a rookie, as well as the son of the Chief of Detectives. The victim is identified as Jean Grey of the X-Men, by her red hair and ‘X’ brand on her back. Her case is quickly wrapped up; she is assumed murdered by one of her “gangland boyfriends"”.

The X-Men are juvenile delinquents from Xavier’s “reform school in Westchester”. Xavier is imprisoned because he was “teaching the juvies how to be better criminals instead of reforming them”. Dukes advises Peter not to waste his time on the X-Men and Jean Grey’s murder case.

Meanwhile, a reporter called Tommy Holloway is also looking into Jean and the X-Men. He does not find much information from Remy, owner of the Creole Club. As Tommy takes his leave, he goes to the aid of Wanda Magnus who is attacked in the parking lot. Wanda, daughter of the Chief of Detectives, owes Remy a lot of money. Remy intends to collect from Wanda at any cost.

Tommy visits Xavier in prison in search of more information about Jean’s murder. Tommy has read about Xavier’s research on sociopathic behaviour, and wonders if one of his students is capable of murdering Jean, one of their own. Tommy wants to seek justice for Jean even though she was a criminal, and because the police do not care about doing their job. Xavier tells him to find Marie Rankin.

Peter finds out his father deals with crime in the city by torturing criminals. His father calls this police inner circle, the Brotherhood. Peter is appalled by this discovery and flees.

A vigilante, Tommy dresses up as a caped figure, calling himself “The Angel”. He breaks into Xavier’s school to steal Marie Rankin’s files. He discovers the criminal training facility, and runs into three of the X-Men: Cyclops, Iceman, and Beast.

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