X-Men Noir #2: Part Two

Tommy makes a deal with the X-Men. He has a personal vendetta with the Chief of Police, as do the X-Men. He needs their help in order to take down the Brotherhood.

Meanwhile, Eric Magnus, Chief of Detectives, is under pressure from Sebastian Shaw to get rid of the X-Men, and Uniscione. Shaw is the Chair of the city’s parks and parkways, and has Eric in his pocket.

Wanda is sneaking her date into the house when Peter stirs and scares her. Her brother is drunk and Wanda quickly reassures him back to sleep.

Tommy takes the X-Men to his abode. He still resides in “Old Welfare Pen” where he dad was the warden. Cyclops tells Tommy that the X-Men were “casing” Shaw’s Hellfire Club the night Jean disappeared. As Cyclops reviews Jean’s case file, he tells Tommy that even the mayor and the D.A. are in Shaw’s pocket. Eric also had Xavier framed for Warren’s murder and imprisoned.

Reading through Marie’s files, Tommy finds out that Marie was an heiress who had a penchant for shoplifting and hanging out with “street urchins”. Her guardian, Councillor Darkholme, brought Marie to Xavier to teach her a lesson about breaking the law. She did not know that Xavier was keen to study and nurture the sociopathic behaviours of his students. And Marie had a gift for mimicking the talents of those she meets within hours. Impressed, Xavier believed Marie was proof of the “next-stage evolution in sociopathy”. Tommy thinks he knows where to find Marie and tells the X-Men he needs to find her.

Meanwhile, Eric visits Xavier in prison. Eric wants to know Marie’s whereabouts so he can use her to get close to Unuscione. Shaw had ordered Eric to take out Unuscione and Marie was the only way Eric could get to him. Xavier tells Eric he does not know where she is.

Peter moves out of his father’s house to distance himself from the corruption. He finds out Wanda has been assaulted by Remy.

Tommy finds Marie at Warren’s penthouse. He helps her evade the police who had come looking for her. Marie agrees to tell him everything she knew about Jean as gratitude for saving her from the police. She tells him about Captain Logan, whom Cyclops had already gone after, seeing the three slash wounds in the crime photos.

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