X-Men Noir #4: Part Four

The X-Men are planning to “smuggle” Unuscione to D.C. By sea to FBI Director Duncan. Unuscione is going to testify against Shaw’s corrupt redevelopment schemes.

Marie is caught by Eric as he closes in on Uniscione at Old Welfare Pen. Iceman and Unuscione die in the crossfire. Marie violently confronts Eric on the rooftop.

The Angel goes after Marie, and reveals her true identity: she is Jean all along. Jean murdered Marie and swapped identities with her, so that she could con Councillor Darkholme into signing over Marie’s trust fund to her. Jean is not going to let anyone take her freedom away from her, and is prepared to die for it. she pulls out a gun. The Angel grabs Jean and they jump off the rooftop together.

The Angel, it turns out, was Tommy’s twin brother Robert. Tommy and Cyclops arrive too late, finding The dead bodies of Robert and Jean on the ground.

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