X-Men Noir #3: Part Three

Cyclops and Logan are fighting when Tommy arrives to break it up. Tommy believes Logan was being framed for Jean’s murder. He continues on his quest for the truth.

Peter goes to Remy’s club and shoots him for assaulting Wanda. Peter is arrested and thrown in jail. Eric comes to see his son. Peter confronts Eric about his corrupt ways, and Eric tells Peter that playing by the rules got him nowhere early in his career, and he had seen others fall victim to the system, dying in the crossfire and orphaning their children. For the sake of his children, Eric swore he “would be the one doing the playing”. Eric had to pull some strings to drop the charges on Peter. In exchange for his freedom, Peter has to assassinate Unuscione.

The Angel tells Marie he has a plan to get Eric to confess to Jean’s murder.

In the dead of night, a lone figure digs up a grave at a cemetery.

Eric’s assassination plan is foiled by the X-Men. The X-Men get Unuscione to safety. Peter falls to his death. Outraged over his son’s death, Eric goes on a shooting rampage at the Hellfire Club to kill the man he holds responsible for his son’s death: Shaw. His next target is Unuscione.

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