X-Men: The End Book 1: Dreamers and Demons #1: The Gathering Storm

Many years have passed since the galaxy maintained peace and stability under the rule of Lilandra. Her older sister, Deathbird, had given up her quest to claim the throne, content to spend her days with Bishop, and when they were forced to separate, raising their daughter, Aliyah. With the crumbling of the Shi’ar empire and Lilandra “gone insane”, the Kree sought to take over as the ultimate power of the galaxy. Aliyah was prophesied to be the saviour of the galaxy.

As the Kree came into power, many X-Men and mutants have defected and worked for the Kree. The end draws near when Aliyah spies the Phoenix egg being delivered to the Kree. Suddenly, the Brood attacks the Kree’s home planet. The egg is opened and the Phoenix/Jean Grey is revealed. Aliyah manages to rescue the Phoenix before the Kree massacre. As the planet’s star goes “supernova”, to save Aliyah’s ship, the Phoenix absorbs the star’s exploding energy, lighting up the galaxy.

That moment did not go unnoticed by various members of the X-Men scattered across Earth: from Scott at the Xavier Institute, to Kitty and Rachel in Chicago, Xavier in Genosha, Nathan in the Hindu Kush, Ororo and Logan in East Africa, and even Mr Sinister.

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