X-Men: The End Book 1: Dreamers and Demons #2: Omens and Portents

In the middle of the night, Scott is on the phone with Jean’s father after witnessing the manifestation of the Phoenix. It was a sign that she has returned. After that, Xavier appears to make contact with Scott. He then approaches Kitty, Rachel, Nathan, Logan and Ororo for help, knowing that the Shi’ar will be on the Phoenix’s tail.

Meanwhile, Gambit and Rogue are sent to infiltrate and capture Sinister at what appears to be his hideout. They find him and Domina dead, but unbeknownst to them, the bodies are planted decoys.

On board the Starjammer, Aliyah, with Jean, Carol Danvers and Nightcrawler, are devising a plan to warn “the empire” of the Kree’s ultimate goal: to use the Phoenix to defeat the Shi’ar.

Knowledge of the Phoenix’s manifestation has reached Lilandra, and she immediately orders the destruction of the Phoenix.

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