X-Men: The End Book 3: Men and X-Men #5: The Final Hour

It is a tight race in the polls for Mayor of Chicago. In an exclusive interview, candidate Kitty Pryde reaches out to urge the public to cast discrimination aside. Evolution is naturally-occurring, and at the end of the day, mutants have the same “wants”, “needs”, “aspirations” and “dreams”.

On board the Starjammer, Bishop comes face-to-face for the first time with his daughter, Aliyah. It is a shocking reunion for him as her mother, Deathbird, never told him he fathered her child.

The Brood attack has left Carol Denvers dead, and presumingly Psylocke, as witnessed by Aliyah, Bishop, Nightcrawler and Nocturne. Sage had Psylocke fake her death for leverage later.

Cassandra Nova, Xavier’s evil twin, has assumed total control of his body and abilities, and is leading an assault on the galaxy. The Shi’ar and X-Men combined are barely a match. Even though Cyclops physically decapitates her head, Cassandra is still functioning. X-23 charges at her to no avail, as does Cable. During the heat of battle, Cyclops exposes Madelyn’s cover. Madelyn had posed as Sooraya and joined the X-Men to kill Cyclops. Cyclops had known since then but kept her secret as he wanted to learn of her motives. Cassandra assumes control of X-23 and uses her to attack Cyclops and Madelyn. Slipstream appears with the cocoon containing Phoenix.

Inside the Shi’ar imperial palace, Aliyah, who had the Brood Mother-Queen implanted in her, murders her cousin and imperial heir, Xavi, amidst the chaos. When Aliyah is found standing over Xavi’s body, she claims self-defence.

Outside, Cable is slain by Cassandra. The freed Phoenix attempts to revive Cable, but is killed by Cassandra in the process, as is Cyclops. The Phoenix force transfers to Rachel, Cassandra assumes Rachel to take over the Phoenix.

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