X-Men: The End Book 3: Men and X-Men #6: Come the New Dawn

With the power of the Phoenix, Cassandra is virtually unstoppable. She defeats all the X-Men, with the exception of Madelyn, who remains standing. Madelyn is the pure “essence of Jean that loved Scott with all her heart”, that's why the power of Cassandra’s Phoenix failed to obliterate her. Suddenly, Psylocke strikes Cassandra from behind and slays her.

As the Shi’ar star goes supernova, Jean urges Bishop to take the remaining survivors and flee. The exploding star provides new strength for Jean’s Phoenix. She reconciles the twins Xavier and Cassandra, and brings peace to the balance of the galaxy as the deceased X-Men transcend onto the celestial plane.

Twenty years later, Xavier’s dream of a peaceful co-existence between humans and mutants comes to an ultimate realization in Kitty Pryde. Elected to the Oval Office, Kitty now serves as the President, and she gathers the human and mutant public together, in celebration of the “centennial of Charles Xavier’s birth” and his dream.

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