X-Men Adventures (Vol 1) #7: Yearning to be Free

Storm, Gambit and Jubilee are held hostage on Genosha as slaves after a cut-short vacation to the island.

Storm tries to break free in hopes of learning about the slavery of mutants on the island and who is in charge, but she is stopped by Sentinels and then imprisoned.

Back at the mansion, Cyclops tries to get in touch with Storm, Gambit and Jubilee but he can’t get through to Genosha. Wolverine returns after a two week absence.

In the night, Jubilee hatches her own escape plan and announces it to the rest of the slaves hoping they’ll help her cause. In the morning, she finds that Gambit is gone. She is told he was taken away in the night.

While on the job, Jubilee carries out her plan to set the slaves free, but her plan is thwarted by the Sentinels. She accuses Gambit of rattling her out. She is imprisoned alongside Storm.

Meanwhile, Gambit is taken to meet upper management after “rattling” Jubilee out, gaining the “trust” in his capturers. After bargaining with them, Gambit is escorted back to the prison, where he executes his escape plan. There he meets a man who calls himself Cable.

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