X-Men Adventures (Vol 1) #8: Cable Connection

Cable wastes no time in demanding Gambit take him to the one who calls himself the “Leader”. They are suddenly attacked by a guard, who makes a hasty retreat after Cable fires much superior weapons at him. Cable gives chase, not before handing Gambit a key to his freedom.

Gambit hatches a new plan to rescue Storm and Jubilee. After succeeding, Gambit explains his agenda to Jubilee who forgives him if he doesn’t trick her like that again. Storm is recovering from her claustrophobia but is soon up and flying and pumped with anger towards Genosha.

Cable finds the Sentinels production site while the X-Men finally release all the slaves. Storm then unleashes a thunderstorm, creating a flood and destroying the dam the slaves have been working on.

Cable confronts the leader, but before he can do anything, the flood comes gushing into the building, destroying Mastermold, the producer of the Sentinels.

The Blackbird arrives to take the X-Men home. But they return to find the mansion destroyed.

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