X-Men Adventures (Vol 1) #9: The Irrestible

The X-Men hurriedly sieve through the rubble to find Xavier. They find no trace of him, except for a video taped before the disaster took place. Wolverine takes off to try and track Xavier down himself. Cyclops sends Storm, Rogue and Jubilee to track down Wolverine.

Cyclops, Jean and Gambit stay behind to try and find more clues. Cyclops has Jean use Cerebro to find the professor telepathically.

While driving around, Jubilee spots a large mutant wrecking a building. She immediately assumes that he was responsible for the mansion wreck and attacks him. Storm and Rogue go to her rescue. It turns out that the mutant, Peter, was a construction worker just doing demolition work. Jubilee was sorely mistaken.

Back at the mansion, Jean identifies a mutant signature similar to the professor. Cyclops contacts Storm, Rogue and Jubilee who are in the vicinity to check it out. Peter offers to help the X-Men in their quest.

Wolverine tracks down the one who destroyed the mansion, who calls himself the Juggernaut. He is unstoppable, as the X-Men soon discover. Wolverine, with some knowledge of the Juggernaut, tells Jean that he is only vulnerable to a mental attack without his helmet. The X-Men work to remove Juggernaut’s helmet and Jean “planted a suggestion in his brain that made him forget”.

A defeated and amnesiac Juggernaut wonders off. The X-Men thank Peter for his help and offer him a place in the X-Men. Peter politely refuses, stating that he is trying to find his sister and tour the country. The X-Men bid Peter farewell and good luck.

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