X-Men Adventures (Vol 1) #10: Sometimes a Great Notion

In the night in the Swiss Alps, Cable suddenly attacks a man named Warren Worthington III, demanding the whereabouts of the geneticist known as Dr Adler, who is employed by Warren. Warren is with his date, Gisela, at the time of the attack. His mutant state is revealed to her during the attack. Cable promptly leaves after gathering the information he needed.

Xavier is visiting an old friend, Moira MacTaggert, on her research facility on Muir Island. Xavier is anxious to learn more about the private Dr Adler, who communicates little even with Moira. After a mind probe, Xavier unearths dark and evil secrets about Adler.

After hiding from his students, Xavier finally makes contact with the mansion. He tells them of the work of the mysterious Dr Adler and his doubts about him, and tells the X-Men to be on the alert if he calls for them.

Jean notices Rogue’s sudden distant behaviour. She puts two and two: Rogue’s inability to touch people due to her powers and Dr Adler’s supposed cure mutants of their powers. Rogue decides to make a trip to Scotland to find Adler. Gambit tries to tag along but is shoved out of the car by Rogue.

At the pub on Muir Island, Rogue is confronted by two mutants, Pyro and Avalanche who think she is Mystique, the mutant they are looking for. She beats them up after they rub her the wrong way and leaves in search of Adler. Adler, who is Mystique in disguise working for Apocalypse, tells Rogue to return in an hour when the cure is ready.

Rogue takes the hour to think about her decision and then returns to Adler. Pyro and Avalanche follow her. The two want to hold Adler for ransom. They crash Rogue’s appointment with Adler.

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