X-Men Adventures (Vol 1) #11: Where Archangels Dare to Dwell

After the lab is destroyed, Pyro and Avalanche take off with Dr Adler. Rogue picks herself out of the wreckage and hurries to find Adler.

Pyro and Avalanche make their getaway. But Mystique reveals herself to be the Adler that they kidnapped. Meanwhile, Cable had been tracking Adler’s movements, and convinced that the shadowy figure of Mystique is Adler, he is prepared to fire when Rogue comes flying into his view. Rogue has a bone to pick with Pyro and Avalanche for messing up her appointment. Mystique, having shape-shifted back into Adler, seizes the chance to escape, only to be found by Cable.

Xavier and Moira arrive at the destroyed lab to find both Adler and Rogue gone. Cyclops and Jean arrive to help them search for the missing people.

They find Rogue fighting with Cable over Adler. Cyclops blasts Cable over the cliff, and Cable drags Jean down with him. Rogue rushes to save Jean from certain death. Cyclops and Jean are grateful to Rogue for saving Jean’s life.

After that incident, Rogue gets second thoughts about undergoing the cure. Her powers are what makes her part of the X-Men. She returns to Adler to tell him that she is declining treatment and flies off to rejoin her friends. She meets Warren mid-flight. Warren seeks Adler’s treatment. He is transformed, but into the slave of Apocalypse.

Back at the pub, Rogue apologises to Xavier for taking off like that and opting to undergo a suspicious treatment. Xavier forgives her and welcomes her home to the X-Men family.

Warren, having been “cured” of his mutation, returns to the pub to announce Adler’s miracle. He recruits other willing volunteers to undergo treatment. Warren then becomes the Archangel known as Death, and the other three become War, Famine and Pestilence.

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