X-Men Adventures (Vol 1) #12: To End in Fire

Apocalypse gathers his four Horsemen -- War, Death, Famine and Pestilence -- to bring havoc into the world.

Back at the mansion, Rogue and Gambit are engaged in a game of pool. While passing by, Jean decides to give the Gambit’s ball a little telekinetic shove and put his cockiness in its place. Storm interrupts the game with alarming new reports on the television.

A conference between world leaders is taking place in Paris, and is the target of Apocalypse’s attack.

Xavier immediately plans a course of action. Most of the X-Men will counter-attack in Paris. Rogue is assigned the task of returning to Muir Island to get answers from Dr Adler. Jubilee is ordered to stay behind as it is a dangerous mission.

Apocalypse has his four Horsemen bring widespread chaos throughout Europe.

On Muir Island, Rogue restrains Dr Adler to get some answers. He turns out to be Mystique in disguise. Mystique reveals that Apocalypse is “hiding a command cent[re] under Stonehenge”. Rogue destroys the transformation equipment before taking off for Stonehenge in England.

The X-Men finally track Apocalypse to Stonehenge, and Rogue his hostage. Rogue is promptly tossed back to the team.

One by one the Horsemen are taken down. Mid-fight, Warren, remembering who he was, turns on Apocalypse and attacks him. Wounded, Apocalypse retreats with his other three Horsemen. Cyclops and the X-Men extended their friendship and support towards Warren.

The next morning, Rogue and Xavier have a heart to heart talk. Warren returns to the Swiss Alps, only to find that Gisela had left him, he is “more of a mutant than” before, and that he is all alone.

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