X-Men Adventures (Vol 2) #1: Sometimes They Come Back

Senator Kelly has won the presidency. Once politically anti-mutant, he had changed his beliefs after his life was saved by the X-Men.

At a small church in Brewster, New York, the X-Men, friends and family have gathered for a joyous occasion. The wedding of Scott Summers and Jean Grey.

Wolverine, enraged at his unrequited love for Jean, takes out his anger in the Danger Room.

Reverend Fischer, who married the couple, takes off quickly after the ceremony. He is revealed to be Morph in disguise, who was presumed killed by Sentinels. Left for dead, he is rescued by Mr Sinister, who convinces him that the X-Men have turned their backs on him.

The celebration continues back at the mansion. The ladies gather for the tossing of the bouquet. In the end, the bouquet is caught by Beast, who had just been released from prison. Before leaving on her honeymoon, Jean bids Wolverine goodbye in the Danger Room. He never stood a chance to win her heart and never will.

Meanwhile in Washington D.C., the Friends of Humanity attacked President Kelly. This is but the first stage of their war on mutants. Soon, their demonstrations escalate in violence. While the X-Men watch the news coverage, Professor Xavier leaves in haste to take a private call in secrecy. He receives a distressed call from Magneto, his old friend and nemesis, to meet with him in Antarctica. It is revealed that Morph is setting up Xavier.

Later that night, Beast, Gambit and Wolverine are playing pool when they are identified as mutants and are attacked by the Friends of Humanity. The X-Men use their powers in self-defence, not hurting anyone. Police sirens disperse the Friends of Humanity. It was in actuality a set up by Creed, leader of the Friends of Humanity to portray mutants as violent and dangerous to society.

Wolverine leaves the mansion to get to the bottom of the set up. Morph seizes the chance to infiltrate the mansion disguised as Wolverine. He meets Rogue going inside. Rogue heads down to the Rec Room to nap. Morph proceeds to the War Room as Rogue. Morph dismisses an excited Jubilee with an assignment. He then seduces Gambit to kiss the real Rogue down in the Rec Room.

Rogue brings an unconscious Gambit to Storm, who is in charge of the X-Men in the absence of the Professor and Cyclops. Storm suspects something is amiss given the bad circumstances and the disappearance of Jubilee. She puts Rogue in charge at the mansion while she stops the attack on the Mutant Counselling Centre. Storm manages to disperse the crowd with a rainstorm, but is hurt in the process. She is taken to the hospital by the police.

Mr Sinister watches on as the events of the evening unfold as planned, with help from Morph. The X-Men are dispersed and neutralised, and Jubilee is about to walk herself into a trap.

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