X-Men Adventures (Vol 2) #2: Somethin’ Sinister

Scott and Jean are honeymooning in the islands of the South Pacific. Their romantic getaway is soon interrupted by Mr Sinister and his henchmen. The two X-Men are quickly defeated and captured.

Wolverine heads back to the scene of the set up attack and finds some leads. He goes off to confront the attackers. He finds the Friends of Humanity in a rundown theatre in New Salem. They were preparing to execute Jubilee, who had presented herself to the Friends of Humanity courtesy of Morph, when Wolverine crashes their meeting. After making quick work scaring them off, he takes off with Jubilee.

Meanwhile, Rogue and Beast rush to the hospital to visit an injured Storm. They sneak out after their brief unscheduled visit. Returning to the mansion, Gambit appears to be coming around. Gambit and Rogue are blaming each other for the situation he is in, not knowing it was Morph’s doing. Professor Xavier returns, as do Wolverine and Jubilee. Wolverine smells Morph on Xavier and attempts to get Morph to reveal himself. A card set to explode from Gambit does the trick. Morph escapes in an X-Jet to confront the man who left him for dead: Cyclops.

Back in the South Pacific, Mr Sinister explains to Scott and Jean the grand scheme he has. By combining the genetic material of the Summers and the Grey genes, he will be able to create “an unstoppable race of mutants” through their engineered offspring.

Morph confronts Scott and Jean. He reveals that he was the reverend at the wedding, as well as their travel agent, who accommodated the set up. He is about to kill Scott when Mr Sinister stops him with a mind-controlling device.

The rest of the X-Men had followed Morph to the South Pacific. They take on Mr Sinister's henchmen. Scott manages to convince Morph that he will always be an X-Men, and to turn on Mr Sinister. Mr Sinister seems to be unhurt by the gun blast. With the distractions going on, Scott and Jean slip free from their restraints. Scott gives Mr Sinister an optic blast, that appears to injure him somewhat.

Mr Sinister and his henchmen make a hasty retreat. So does Morph. Wolverine is determined to find Morph and bring him home, and he sets off into the woods alone. The rest of the X-Men head home to try and contact Xavier who has mysteriously gone missing.

Xavier and Magneto meet up at Antarctica, both surprised to see each other in fit condition, and not near death as the videos they each received portrayed. It is then the two men realised that they have walked into a trap.

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