X-Men Adventures (Vol 3) #4: The Phoenix Saga Pt II: The Darkness Within

With Jean’s shields completely down, her exposure to the strange radiation causes her to lose control of the craft. Suddenly, she is possessed by a mysterious entity, and returns to the controls.

Starcore crashes safely in the New York Harbour. The rest of the X-Men and Dr Corbeau swim up to the surface. Shortly after, Jean rises to the surface, claiming to be “Phoenix”, and dressed in a green and gold costume. She then collapses and is taken to the hospital.

Xavier, Beast and Dr Corbeau are unable to identify the alien craft that the X-Men had saved, or the mysterious “Phoenix” entity that has possessed Jean. Scott begins to doubt and question Xavier’s strange behaviour and missions that have put them in danger, because he was following his premonitions.

Xavier takes his leave from the hospital, and is about to fly from the helipad when he is psychically attacked and rendered unconscious.

Wolverine is on the subway on the way to a bar, and Gambit and Jubilee at the movie theatre, when they see projections of Xavier, who appear to be mocking them. At the hospital, Scott is watching over a sleeping Jean when he too sees the projection of Xavier. Xavier mocks and attacks Scott with psychic blasts when Jean wakes up. She immediately senses that Xavier is a “psychic projection” and with the help of her new Phoenix powers, dismisses him.

Cyclops calls for Wolverine, Gambit, Jubilee and Beast to meet him on the helipad where Xavier’s jet is parked. They find Xavier there, and he tells the X-Men that a psychic probe had unleashed the “dark side” of his mind, causing him to “lash out” at his beloved X-Men.

Xavier travels to Muir Island to seek solitude as he seeks answers to his premonitions. He finds his former lover and head of the research facility Moira, engaged to Sean Cassidy. Xavier retreats to his room after a cold exchange. There he is approached by the alien who escaped her world to seek his help. She is Princess Lilandra, sister to the tyrant Emperor D’Ken. She had stolen the M’Krann Crystal to prevent D’Ken from attaining absolute power. She had sought out Xavier because she felt a strong bond unlike any other that led her to him.

Suddenly, the Juggernaut, Xavier’s stepbrother, infiltrates his room and kidnaps Lilandra.

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