X-Men Adventures (Vol 3) #5: The Phoenix Saga Pt III: The Phoenix and the Princess

Juggernaut’s kidnap of Lilandra is assisted by Black Tom, cousin of Sean Cassidy. They take off with Lilandra and throw Xavier out of his room and over the cliffs. Sean Cassidy, codename Banshee, comes to Xavier’s rescue. Xavier awakens in his room and Moira thinks Lilandra is only part of Xavier’s illusions. Xavier swears by Lilandra’s existance, and that he loves her.

Back at the hospital in Manhattan, the X-Men watch over Jean when she has another Phoenix episode. Scott receives a call from Moira regarding Xavier claiming the alien they rescued in space had been kidnapped. Scott and Storm remain in the hospital while Wolverine, Jubilee, Rogue and Gambit are sent to Muir Island to assist Xavier.

Juggernaut and Black Tom have taken Lilandra to Cassidy Keep, ancestral home of the Cassidy family. It is revealed that Black Tom and Eric the Red had made a deal regarding the capture of Lilandra. Lilandra sends Xavier a telepathic message of the Cassidy family crest in hopes that he will be able to locate her.

At Muir Island, Xavier describes the shield in a somewhat incoherent manner, only identified as his family crest by Banshee. The X-Men and Banshee infiltrate Cassidy Keep to rescue Lilandra. They are outmatched by Juggernaut, and soon, Gladiator, of the Shi’ar Imperial Guard, arrives to assist Eric the Red. Gladiator takes care of the X-Men and is about to take Lilandra into Shi’ar custody when her last cry for help reaches the Phoenix.

The Phoenix comes to Lilandra’s aid and drives Gladiator away with ease. Lilandra commands the Phoenix to help her prevent D’Ken from getting his hands on the crystal, but the Phoenix, sensing D’Ken’s ship has arrived in the Earth’s solar system, fears it might be too late.

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