X-Men Adventures (Vol 3) #6: Now Come -- The Starjammers

Cyclops and Beast arrive at Cassidy Keep just as Phoenix had stopped Lilandra’s capture by Gladiator. Almost immediately, Phoenix teleports Lilandra and the X-Men aboard Lilandra’s spacecraft, but leaves Jubilee behind for her safety.

On board the craft, they are attacked by an unidentified spacecraft, rendering them unconscious. The Starjammers, space pirates, stow on board Lilandra’s spacecraft. Rogue and Beast, the first to recover, start attacking the Starjammers, but they manage to escape with the M’Krann Crystal as well as a hostage, Cyclops. The Phoenix, still weak from the teleport, was unable to defend them from the Starjammers. Probing the leader Corsair’s mind, Phoenix makes the startling discovery that Corsair is Cyclops’ father.

Corsair’s plan is to present D’Ken with the crystal and Cyclops as a slave in order to get within firing range of the Emperor who killed his wife. Cyclops is to then use his optic blasts to kill D’Ken.

On D’Ken’s ship, Cyclops is contacted by Phoenix before the exchange with D’Ken takes place. The Phoenix teleports the X-Men onboard D’Ken’s ship. The X-Men are poorly-matched against the Shi’ar, and D’Ken and Gladiator make off with Lilandra and the crystal.

D’Ken unlocks the power of the crystal and destruction of the galaxies start to take place.

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