X-Men Adventures (Vol 3) #10: Dark Phoenix Pt I: No Time for Illusions

After the Phoenix Saga, Jean still possessed by the Phoenix returns to Earth. Xavier and Moira has Jean undergo treatment on Muir Island to investigate why the Phoenix has not given up its host. Moira is at her wits end on how to rid Jean of the Phoenix. She has Xavier send her back home to the mansion.

Remy takes Scott out to a nightclub to enjoy a night out. Suddenly, Scott is telepathically contacted by Jean. He leaves to make a call to Muir Island. Outside, he witnesses Dazzler being kidnapped and steps in to help. Dazzler has Scott promise that he’ll return tomorrow to protect her from her kidnappers. Scott reluctantly agrees.

When Scott returns to the mansion, he finds that Xavier had already returned with Jean. Scott rushes up to embrace her, but she pushes him away coldly and retires quickly to her room. Scott is worried about Jean keeping her distance from him, and about the Phoenix refuses to leave her. Xavier tries to calm Scott down, telling him that his “unique psychic rapport” might be Jean’s last hope to expel the Phoenix from her body.

That night at the Circle Club, the same man, or rather Cyborg, who had attempted to kidnap Dazzler, is present, having an argument with his peers over his fancying Dazzler and wanting to kidnap her for his pleasure. White Queen Emma Frost steps in with Jason Wyngarde, and tells the rest of the Circle Club members of her plan to recruit the Phoenix into their club, to expand their power.

Back at the mansion, Xavier continues Jean’s treatment. He then leaves to discuss his findings with Beast, that the Phoenix might be refusing to leave Jean’s body because the sensations of human emotion thrills it. Scott stays behind to attend to Jean, but he tells her that he had promised to return to protect Dazzler. The Phoenix/Jean lashes out at Scott on the assumption that he was cheating on her. Scott reassures her that it is only business.

When Jean is finally asleep, Frost and Wyngarde seizes the opportunity to invade Phoenix/Jean’s mind. They plant an illusion in her mind, taking her back in time. There she is a damsel in distress, rescued from the ocean by Wyngarde. Slowly, they persuade her to believe she is living in this illusion and that Wyngarde is her true love.

Back in the real world, Jean is awakened by Storm who had come to check on her. Jean has Storm fetch a glass of water, and abruptly leaves when Storm has her back turned on Jean. Storm is fearful that the Phoenix has left to wreck havoc. Frost urges Wyngarde to track Phoenix/Jean down when their psychic connection was disrupted when Jean woke up.

Phoenix/Jean follows Scott to the nightclub where he promised to meet Dazzler. Phoenix/Jean walks in on a friendly hug. When Scott tries to introduce Jean to Dazzler, Jean wanders off in a trace, kisses Wyngarde and leaves with him. Scott is left behind, baffled at what had happened between Jean and the stranger.

An hour later, the X-Men turn up at the Circle Club. Rogue flies to get a bird’s eye view of the situation. Through a skylight, she sees Jean being married to Wyngarde. She interrupts the ceremony, with the rest of the X-Men close behind. A fight ensues between the X-Men and the Circle Club. The X-Men find themselves to be defeated by Jean who has now turned into the Dark Phoenix.

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