X-Men Adventures (Vol 3) #11: Dark Phoenix Pt II

The X-Men, Rogue, Beast, Cyclops, Gambit and Storm, are captives of the Circle Club. In the midst of the fight, Wolverine had fallen through the building and ended up in the sewers.

The X-Men are forced to witness the Dark Phoenix’s inauguration into the Circle Club. Slight tension builds up within the Circle Club as a cocky Wyngarde gloats that he controls the Phoenix and absolute power.

Cyclops attempts to contact Jean telepathically. The contact is detected by Wyngarde. He draws Cyclops into the illusion he created for the Dark Phoenix. Cyclops is transformed into a powerless civilian, and forced to duel against the superior Wyngarde. Cyclops is “killed” in the illusion, causing Cyclops in real life to lose consciousness and collapse. Contrary to belief, Cyclops’ life is still sustained by his psychic rapport with Jean.

Shaw orders the Dark Phoenix to finish Cyclops off. Wolverine, re-emerging from the sewers, barges into the room and challenges the Dark Phoenix. He manages to talk Dark Phoenix/Jean out of Wyngarde’s control for a brief moment before Wyngarde leads the Dark Phoenix away from the task at hand. He commands the Dark Phoenix to destroy Shaw, the leader of the club, but the Dark Phoenix seeing through the lies and manipulation of the Circle Club, turns on them.

The Dark Phoenix frees the X-Men so they and the Circle Club can destroy each other. Amid the confusion, the Dark Phoenix leaves for the roof. Wyngarde follows her and tries to get her back under his control. But it is too late and the Dark Phoenix destroys Wyngarde.

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