X-Men Adventures (Vol 3) #13: Crime and Punishment: The Final Fate of the Phoenix

In a last desperate attempt to save Jean’s life from the hands of the Shi’ar, Xavier challenges Lilandra to a “Duel of Honour”, which by Shi’ar law “cannot be refused”. The X-Men are then teleported on board the Shi’ar vessel.

There, the X-Men are briefed on the Dark Phoenix’s crimes against the galaxy for consumption of the D’Bari. The Dark Phoenix will never stop until the universe is destroyed, for which she must stand trial and die. Xavier tries to reach out to Lilandra on a more intimate level through the love they share, but Lilandra, in her duty as Empress, cannot be swayed.

Rogue finds Cyclops lost in his thoughts in a secluded area of the vessel. She goes to talk to him, and they are soon joined by Jean. Rogue, feeling like a third wheel, leaves the couple to talk alone. Telepathically, Jean shows Cyclops the true destructive nature of the Dark Phoenix, cumulating in the destruction of Earth, and why it needs to be put down. Cyclops still refuses to let the Shi’ar destroy the woman he loves.

Jean: “Then, there is nothing left but the charred remains of the once blue and beautiful planet we called home...and the Phoenix is supreme over all.”
Cyclops: “No! I can’t believe that would ever happen! I won’t let it!”
Jean: “Scott, be reasonable. I ask you again...Am I worth the risk?”
Cyclops: “You’re worth everything there is. Can’t you see there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you? I love you."

Later, the X-Men are prepped for battle and teleported to the blue side of the moon where an ancient civilisation once lived. They are quickly joined by the Imperial Guard and the battle for Jean's life is underway.

The X-Men are quickly taken out. When Cyclops is taken out by Gladiator, it is the last straw for Jean and the Dark Phoenix resurfaces to do battle with Gladiator. Xavier realises what the Dark Phoenix can become, as described by Lilandra. He immediately contacts Cyclops and tells him that he needs to take the Dark Phoenix out before she causes anymore destruction and chaos.

Cyclops is unable to do so, and merely causes a wall to collapse on the Dark Phoenix, stunning it. Consciously, Jean begs Cyclops to end her life so the Dark Phoenix can be destroyed. But the Dark Phoenix soon regains control over Jean. Lilandra sees no other option and actives an ancient weapon that destroys the Dark Phoenix.

Lilandra and Xavier teleport to the moon. Cyclops is about to take out his rage on Lilandra for killing Jean when the Phoenix in its true form speaks to the X-Men. The Phoenix tells the X-Men that even though Jean’s “flame” is “extinguished”, she can be revived with the “flame” of another. Both Cyclops and Wolverine offer their flames, but it is Storm who wisely suggests that each of the X-Men contribute part of their flame to revive Jean, and she would not want a fellow X-Men to sacrifice his life for hers.

With that, Jean Grey is restored to life, and the X-Men are sent home.

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