Cold Vengeance

Scott is puzzled and enraged at Wolverine’s disappearance, citing this as a clear example why he cannot be depended upon. Jean doesn’t want to tell him that Wolverine’s departure is “because of [her]”.

Wolverine returns to his homeland of Canada. He is ambushed by Sabretooth, and rescued by a tribe of natives. He proves to be a great asset to the tribe, providing them with a big catch on a fishing trip. This sparks great jealousy from the head fisherman of the tribe. He strikes a deal with Sabretooth to get rid of Wolverine.

Back at the mansion, Cyclops gets worked up because Gambit wants to jet over to the island nation of Genosha to “check it out” as they openly welcome mutants. Cyclops presumes it’s an excuse to escape like Wolverine did. Professor Xavier comes in to break up the argument. He expresses interest to investigate Genosha. Cyclops sends Storm, Gambit and Jubilee undercover.

Meanwhile in the arctic, The jealous fisherman challenges Wolverine to a hunting competition. It was actually a ruse for Sabretooth to destroy the fishing camp. The fisherman sees the error of his ways and helps Wolverine rescue the people of his tribe from Sabretooth.

Arriving at Genosha, Storm, Gambit and Jubilee check into the hotel. It turns out to be an ambush. While they are able to fend off the military, they are captured by a Sentinel.

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