Slave Island

Jubilee, Storm and Gambit have been held captive as slaves to build a dam in Genosha. Inhibitor collars have been placed around their necks. Mutant powers are allowed for doing work, but the inhibitors allow the guards to control the rebellious mutants by turning their powers off. The collars explode when removed by force.

Storm tries a surprise attack on the guards. Turning her powers off renders her helpless as she falls into the river below. She is retrieved by a Sentinel. Her disposal is ordered by Trask. Gambit tries to persuade Trask to spare Storm’s life as she will be useful to fill up the dam after its completion. Trask puts Storm in "“the box” for the moment.

While working on the dam, an explosion is spotted in the distant forest. Trask sends Sentinels after the intruder. The mutants are ordered back to their cells. Jubilee picks up a piece of wire and saves it.

Back at the mansion, Cyclops is getting worried not hearing from Storm for awhile. Jean tries to reassure him that Storm and the others will be fine. Wolverine returns to the mansion after his mysterious disappearance.

Suddenly, the power goes off in Genosha. Jubilee escapes her cell by picking the lock. She springs her surprise escape plan on Gambit but Gambit wouldn’t partake in her plans, and neither would the rest of the prisoners. The power comes back on and Jubilee is forced back into her cell.

Cyclops plans a mission to Genosha to check on Storm and the others. Professor Xavier chooses to sit the mission out, stating he has other things to do.

When Jubilee awakens in the morning, she finds Gambit’s cell empty. Sunfire comes to tell her that he has been “taken away in the night”. Walking past the guards, Jubilee takes the guard down by surprise. The mutants rebel, but the guard’s controller doesn’t release the collars. They are immediately taken down by Sentinels. Jubilee is informed that Gambit had betrayed her and alerted Trask of her plans. She is put in “the box” next to Storm’s.

On another part of Genosha, Trask shows Guyrich Mastermold, which creates Sentinels of its own accord, requiring no instructions other than an “outside power source”, hence the dam. “The Leader” of Genosha visits Trask regarding the power trip the previous night, and about the “revolt by the slaves”. The “revolt”, clued in by Gambit, was allowed to “break their spirits”.

Guyrich questions Gambit’s intentions, and if they could trust him to lead the Sentinels to the X-Men, who previously battled Sentinels. While Gambit is being escorted back to the prison, he makes a run for it. He comes face to face with a huge man, called Cable, who is in search of “the Leader”. Cable gives Gambit a key that will unlock the collars.

Gambit comes to the aid of Storm and Jubilee, who doesn’t like the fact that she had been fooled into thinking he had betrayed them. After escaping, they proceed to free the other enslaved mutants.

While “the Leader”, Trask and Guyrich discuss how to get rid of Cable, Cable launches an attack on that building.

Storm breaks the dam by creating a huge thunderstorm to flood it. Rogue comes to Storm’s rescue after she collaspes from exhaustion and falls off a crumbling dam wall. The flood washes over Genosha, destroying Trask’s work in its path.

Returning back to the mansion, Cyclops tries to contact Xavier, but only receives static on the other end. They return home to find that the mansion had been destroyed.

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