The Unstoppable Juggernaut

After rescuing Storm and Jubilee on Genosha, the X-Men make their way back to the mansion, only to find it in ruins. The X-Men use their powers to sieve through the rubble, but find no trace of Professor Xavier. Cyclops makes his way to the undamaged hangar and sublevels while Jean reaches out with her telepathy to try and contact the professor.

Cyclops finds a message recorded by the professor via Cerebro in the War Room. Jubilee plays it back. While the X-Men were gone, the professor had left to take care of matters that could “change [their] lives forever”.

Wolverine picks up on a strange scent and goes off to track it down, disobeying Cyclops’ orders to stay with the team. Abnormally large footprints are found on the site, perhaps belonging to Xavier’s kidnapper as suspected by Wolverine. Cyclops orders Storm, Rogue and Jubilee to follow Wolverine.

Storm, Rogue and Jubilee are driving around town when Jubilee spots Wolverine’s jeep parked along the side of the road. They split up to cover more ground. Jubilee stumbles upon a construction site. She overhears the workers having a conversation about the new worker they suspect to be a mutant. Jubilee thinks it’s Wolverine and rushes over to the dilapidated building, only to have the building come crashing down on her. Wolverine appears from out of nowhere and saves Jubilee.

The construction worker who is a mutant turns out to be Colossus, with the ability to transform his body into organic steel. Jubilee concludes, upon seeing the strength and size of Colossus, to be the one who destroyed the mansion. Wolverine pulls Jubilee aside so they can observe Colossus further.

The other workers are unhappy to have a mutant work amongst them, but the site supervisor pays Colossus for his effort and tries to defend him. One of the workers starts a cement mixer and plans to run Colossus down with it. Colossus is unharmed in his metal form, and crushes the truck instead. Fearful, the workers flee, leaving Colossus dumbfounded. Wolverine is now convinced that Colossus destroyed the mansion and starts attacking him. Colossus denies destroying the mansion. Wolverine gets the chance to catch Colossus’ scent, which is not a match to that that Wolverine caught at the mansion. He lets Colossus go.

Jubilee gets a call from Rogue telling Jubilee and Wolverine to meet her and Storm at the First National Bank, which was just robbed moments ago. The police have Colossus in custody, thinking he is the robber. Wolverine doesn’t think that Colossus could have done it.

Storm and Rogue decide to get to the bottom of the case and goes off to question Colossus. Meanwhile, Wolverine picks up on the same scent that was at the mansion at the bank.

At the jail, Rogue works her charm and powers to knock the guard out cold. She and Storm bust Colossus out of his cell. They make time for a little chit-chat with their team mate Beast, who happens to be imprisoned in the same jail. Beast declines the offer to break out of jail, just as the alarm is sounded. The three make haste in getting out of the jail.

Wolverine and Jubilee track the scent down to another bank that is being robbed. They catch the first glance of the robber, whom Wolverine recognises to be the Juggernaut. The police are no match for the Juggernaut. Coming from behind, Wolverine makes holes in Juggernaut’s bags, releasing the cash held within. Jubilee returns the cash to the bank while Wolverine confronts the Juggernaut. The Juggernaut wrecked the mansion but couldn’t find Xavier. Rogue, Storm and Colossus arrive in time to stop the Juggernaut from crushing Jubilee.

Cyclops and Jean arrive on the scene. Jean is unable to attack the Juggernaut’s mind. Cyclops suspects that his helmet protects him. Cyclops’ plan is for the X-Men to attack the Juggernaut for as long as they can remove his helmet. Jean attacks the Juggernaut telepathically. The Juggernaut is temporarily unable to remember “who he is or what he was doing”. Jean collapses due to the strain.

Cyclops: “Jean, please tell me that you are alright.”
Jean: “As well as can be expected.”

At the end of the day, the X-Men, with the help of Colossus, start to rebuild the mansion. Wolverine invites Colossus to join the X-Men, but Colossus declines for now, stating he’d like to “find [his] sister and...see more of America” first.

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