The Cure

Warren Worthington III is vacationing with his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Cable finds his way into Warren’s lodge, demanding the whereabouts of a scientist named Adler. Cable takes out Warren easily. The girl tells Cable that Adler has gone to Muir Island. Warren is revealed to be a mutant with wings. He returns to attack Cable, who blinds both Warren and the girl with a flash of light. The girl accidentally shoots Warren, who flies away limply into the night.

Professor Xavier, whom the X-Men found missing from the mansion had gone to visit Moria MacTaggart on Muir Island. Moria tells Xavier that Doctor Adler has come up with solution to reverse mutation.

Adler refuses to entertain visitors. Xavier takes this opportunity to try and probe Adler’s mind. Instead, he detects the presence of two beings inside the facility. This contact leaves Xavier shaken. Xavier suspects that Adler himself could be a mutant, as Xavier was not able to probe his mind due to a force protecting it. Xavier decides it is time to tell the X-Men about Adler’s “discovery”.

Back at the mansion, everyone is pitching in to rebuild the mansion. Gambit appears to have rejoined the X-Men since Slave Island. As everyone is working, Wolverine goes around, acting like a “know-it-all”, as an annoyed Gambit puts it. Wolverine and Gambit get into a little skirmish. Cyclops and Rogue try to break up the fight when Jubilee comes running to tell them that the professor has made contact.

The professor explains that a Doctor Adler has claimed to have found a way to reverse mutations. While the X-Men voice their opinions on this so called cure (them wishing still to keep their powers), Rogue sinks quietly into her chair, observing the couple, Cyclops and Jean holding hands. Due to her mutation, Rogue isn’t able to afford the luxury of simple human contact. She secretly leaves the mansion in search of Adler’s cure. Gambit tries to go after Rogue. Jean, having sensed Rogue’s distress, is afraid that Rogue might go after Adler’s cure.

Jean: “I’m worried about Rogue, Cyclops.”
Cyclops: “Rogue? Why?”
Jean: “Because I know how she feels when I touch your hand, or when we kiss. Because I sensed it in her.”

Rogue catches a ride on the wing of an airplane en route to Muir Island.

In a pub on Muir Island, Avalanche and Pyro are awaiting the arrival of a mutant named Mystique. Pyro tries to hit on Rogue, who promptly throws him and Avalanche through a brick wall (and off a cliff).

Rogue makes her way to Adler’s facility and barges in. After speaking to Adler, Rogue is advised to “come back in one hour” when the cure is ready. Adler turns out to be Mystique in disguise, working for Apocalypse. Apocalypse plans to use the machine to acquire the power of other mutants.

Outside, Rogue reflects on how her powers have changed her life. She had put her first boyfriend, Cody into a coma by merely kissing him.

After discovering Adler’s whereabouts, Pyro goes in search of Avalanche, only to meet Cable. Cable promptly takes out Pyro, who is fished out of the ocean by Avalanche.

Rogue is prepared for the treatment when Pyro and Avalanche barge in and kidnap Adler. Mystique reveals her true form and reprimands Pyro for interferring. She shapeshifts back into Adler just as Rogue arrives to rescue the Doctor. Cable gets to Adler as Adler is trying to hide from Rogue. Rogue finds Adler being threatened by Cable. She is stunned by Cable’s “plasma grenade”. Mystique tells Cable that Adler is dead, revealing herself to be a shapeshifter as proof.

Moria and Xavier are awakened by loud noises coming from Adler’s facility. While examining the wreckage, Cyclops and Jean appear on the site, explaining to the professor that they believe Rogue left the mansion to seek Adler’s treatment.

Cyclops, Jean, Xavier and Moria arrive via the Blackbird to the aid of Adler. Cyclops blasts Cable off the cliff. The impact of rocks set to explode by Cable sends Jean falling off the cliff. Rogue rushes to the rescue of Jean. Cable is nowhere to be seen. Cyclops rushes to embrace Jean, and thanks Rogue for saving her life.

Back at the facility, Rogue helps Adler fix his machine. She declines to proceed with the treatment, seeing the value of her powers. Flying out of the facility, she bumps into Warren. Warren is the sponsor of Adler’s research, and being a mutant he wants to undergo the treatment. Mystique goes in search of Apocalypse to report to her master that she had found another mutant to be his slave. Apocalypse’s ultimate goal is to destroy the world.

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