Come the Apocalypse

At Doctor Adler’s facility, Warren Worthington is undergoing treatment that he believes will make him normal. But in actuality, it is a ploy by Apocalypse to make mutants his slaves. Just before the machine is activated, Adler reveals herself to be Mystique to Warren. Warren realises that it is a trap, but it is too late.

Professor Xavier, Rogue, Cyclops and Jean are gathered in the pub on Muir Island. Two impatient mutants waiting for Adler’s cure start a brawl. Xavier explains that the mutants seeking Adler’s cure are “dissatisfied with themselves” and they feel “alone”.

Warren comes running into the pub telling everyone that he has been cured of his mutancy. Cyclops finds it morally wrong for mutants to be cured as it is not a disease. Warren challenges Cyclops to a fight, but Xavier cautions the latter that “it’s not [their] place to tell other mutants what to do”. With that, the X-Men head home while the other mutants line up to seek treatment.

Apocalypse watches on as his plan is unfolding smoothly. We learn that the Warren Worthington at the pub is actually Mystique as the real Warren walks out from the shadows of Adler’s facility, changed. He has adopted the name of Archangel instead. Apocalypse has plans to change and thus rule a “cleansed” future. The four mutants who have undergone the transformation became the four horsemen of Apocalypse: Famine, Pestilence, War and Death, the "“Winged Angel” (Archangel).

Back at the mansion’s rec room, Gambit and Rogue are playing pool. Gambit is still pestering Rogue for a kiss. Jean and Storm are also present. Storm turns the tv on to a news broadcast covering a peace conference of world leaders in France on the topic of “disarming mutants”. As the chairman of the committee makes an announcement to the public, Apocalypse appears and disrupts the announcement. The public flee in terror. Apocalypse declares that “all who oppose [him] will be crushed”.

Xavier examines the footage and plans his course of action against this mutant “driven mad by his powers” to prevent a bleak future. The X-Men take off in the Blackbird to stop Apocalypse, except for Rogue and Jubilee. Xavier has a special mission for Rogue, that is to find a way to reverse the transformation using Adler’s cure.

Apocalypse builds a base beneath England’s Stonehenge while his horsemen travel around the world to “exterminate” humans.

Rogue goes in search of Adler and finds Mystique instead. With a little persuasion, Mystique tells Rogue about Apocalypse using the machine enslave mutants. His slaves will in turn destroy humankind. He wants to “destroy everything”. Mystique tries to stop Rogue from escaping to alert the X-Men, and tells her that “no one can stop Apocalypse”.

The X-Men try to take on the four horsemen in France, but the horsemen make a hasty retreat. Cyclops is sure that “they will lead [them] to Apocalypse”.

Rogue is the first to arrive at Stonehenge. She is taken down by Apocalypse, just as his horsemen arrive to warn him of “a band of mutants” who have “defeated” them. The X-Men arrive on their heels ready to fight Apocalypse, but find it a difficult task. Rogue tries to absorb Archangel. Having some of his power drained, Archangel comes to a realisation that his is causing all this destruction. He turns against the other horsemen, who promptly retreat. Apocalypse retreats in his flying craft as well. Ashamed of his actions, Archangel flies away into the night.

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