Days of Future Past Pt II

Rogue and Gambit return from visiting Beast, to find out that Gambit is going to assassinate Senator Kelly, as declared by Bishop. Bishop starts firing at Gambit, and the X-Men are swift to stop Bishop.

Bishop tells the story of how the blame falls on all mutants when a prominent figure in Washington D.C. is assassinated by Gambit. The “Mutant Control Law” is passed, and Sentinels are produced for the purpose of capturing mutants. Surviving mutants are sent to camps to be exterminated. After that, those in control of the Sentinels use them to take control of humankind, and the world.

The X-Men start to speculate among themselves who is going to be assassinated. Even Xavier thinks that it could be himself, since he has devoted his life’s work to peace between humans and mutants. Wolverine had never trusted Gambit, and is inclined to believe that Gambit could have been the assassin.

Angry, Gambit storms out of the War Room. He tells Bishop in the hangar that he wants to go to Washington to stop the assassination and prove his innocence. Xavier orders that Gambit stay behind. Bishop volunteers to stay and watch Gambit, and Wolverine offers to “babysit” the two men. The rest of the X-Men take off for Washington.

Meanwhile in Washington, Mystique gets ready to plan an assassination with her team of Blob, Pyro and Avalanche.

At the mansion, Gambit creates a diversion and escapes from Bishop and Wolverine, flying a jet to Washington.

Xavier is in Washington attending a hearing on the subject of mutants. Avalanche and Pyro barge in. Cyclops and Jean throw Avalanche and Pyro out of the building before they destroy it, and give chase. Xavier alerts the rest of the X-Men to regroup at the Capitol. Wolverine and Bishop join in the fight to subdue Mystique’s team, surprising Cyclops. Wolverine tells Cyclops that Gambit has found a way to Washington.

The fighting leads to part of a building being blasted off and falling onto civilians. Jean manages to stop the debris in midair, but a young girl is still in the way of the falling concrete. Rogue comes to Jean’s aid as Jean loses her grip on the debris.

Storm is prepared to chase after Avalanche and Pyro but Cyclops notices that Bishop has gone missing. Rogue spots Bishop running into the Capitol building.

Mystique, impersonating Kelly’s assistant, leads him into a room and locks him up. With the real assistant bound, Mystique shapeshifts into Gambit to assassinate Kelly on the premise of being against mutants, with the real assistant as the witness. The real Gambit barges in and foils Mystique’s plans. While the two Gambits battle, Bishop comes in and takes out one of them. He is prepared to take out the other Gambit just in case, but Rogue appears and sends Bishop back to the future by destroying his transceiver.

Rogue is prepared to take out Mystique, until she shapeshifts into a woman Rogue recognises to be her adoptive mother.

Senator Kelly and his assistant bumps into Cyclops and Wolverine. They try to explain what had happened. Cyclops deduces that a shapeshifter is behind all this. They find only an unconscious Gambit in the room pointed out to them by Kelly’s assistant.

Rogue helps Mystique escape. Mystique confides in Rogue that she had failed Apocalypse, and back on Muir Island, she had wanted to turn Rogue into Apocalypse’s slave so she could get her daughter back from Xavier. Rogue is left heartbroken at this revelation.

Bishop arrives in the future, but nothing is changed. Forge speculates that something else must have taken place after the foiled assassination. They can try to change the future again, once Forge rebuilds the time portal.

Back in the present day, Kelly seeks an audience with Xavier. Xavier arrives with Cyclops and Jean, only to find out that Kelly has been kidnapped by Magneto.

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