The Final Decision

Following Kelly’s kidnap by Magneto, Xavier plans to use Cerebro to find him.

Magneto had plans for a war between humans and mutants, and Kelly’s assassination would be the catalyst. As Magneto delivers the final blow, a Sentinel disrupts Magneto. Since the new batch of Sentinels are “made of plastic”, Magneto is unable to control them. While Magneto uses parts of the abandoned ship as weapons against the Sentinels, one of them escapes with Senator Kelly.

Arriving at the ship, the X-Men find it in ruins, and an injured Magneto, but no Senator Kelly.

Kelly is rescued by Doctor Trask, creator of the Sentinels. As a favour, Trask wants Kelly to put in place “a presidental order putting Sentinels in charge of mutants”.

Mastermold speaks up, and wants to replace Kelly’s brain with a computer instead. Over time, all the world leaders’ brains will be replaced.

Back in the mansion, Storm suggested that Xavier do a mind probe on Gambit as Gambit knows who is in charge of the Sentinels while they were on Genosha. Cyclops does a facial recognition search and identifies him as Henry Guyrich. The X-Men plan to interrogate Guyrich on the location of the Sentinels’ base.

The X-Men plan a course of attack to rescue Senator Kelly, despite Magneto’s warnings that they’ll be risking their lives to achieve a near impossible task. They arrive at an abandoned mining facility. Cyclops, Jean, Gambit and Wolverine enter the underground shaft, while Storm, Rogue, Jubilee and Xavier remain above ground.

Thinking that the intruders are still above ground since the elevator remains empty only for one of Gambit’s explosive cards and the X-Men hidden from plain sight, Sentinels by the hundreds are dispatched into the sky. Cyclops splits the team up into pairs, increasing the chances of finding Kelly faster.

Above ground, Storm, Rogue and Jubilee have their hands full with fighting the Sentinels. The Sentinels take out the Blackbird, piloted by Xavier, but Magneto arrives to save the life of his old friend.

Gambit and Wolverine walk into a Sentinels ambush.

Meanwhile, Mastermold orders Trask to perform the surgery on Kelly. Mastermold finds it illogial that humans be protected from mutants since “mutants are humans”. He deduces therefore “humans must be protected from themselves”. While Trask is distracted by Mastermold, Cyclops tells Jean to use her telekinetic powers to retrieve Kelly.

Trask feels guilty of putting the lives of his own people in danger with the creation of Mastermold and the Sentinels. He helps Kelly escape by making the propane gas tanks in the facility explode, hoping to take out Mastermold and the Sentinels.

Cyclops orders Jean to bring Kelly to safety while he finds Gambit and Wolverine. Jean gives him a kiss for good luck as they part ways.

The Sentinels retreat into the mine sensing that “Mastermold is in danger”. The entire mine starts to collapse. Cyclops blasts an alternate way out of the mine for Gambit and Wolverine. Xavier, with the help of Magneto, rams the Blackbird full of explosives into Mastermold to destroy it.

Senator Kelly runs for president on the platform that mutants who abuse their powers should be controlled, but mutants who use their powers for good should not be oppressed. Beast in turn finds himself a free man, the charges against him lifted.

On this sunny day, Cyclops finds the perfect moment to propose to Jean.

Cyclops: “Jean, I’ve been wondering.”
Jean: “Yes?”
Cyclops: “I’ve been wondering, will you marry me?”
Jean: “Cyclops.”
Cyclops: “Well?”
Jean: “If we have children, they’ll be mutants. They’ll face the same problems we have all their lives.”
Cyclops: “I wouldn’t have it any other way.” (They kiss.)
Jean: “There’s nothing more beautiful than the beginning of a new day. You’ll never know how it’s going to turn out. That’s what gives hope to the future. Not knowing.”

Unbeknownst to them, the couple is being watched by someone called Sinister.

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