Till Death Do Us Part Pt I

On the day of Scott and Jean’s wedding, Wolverine is in the Danger Room running a simulation, taking out his frustrations on a Cyclops android.

Meanwhile, the wedding is held in a nearby church. After the ceremony, the guests mingle. Jean senses that Wolverine has been injured in the simulation for a split second. Scott invites the Pastor to the reception, but the Pastor declines, saying he has other commitments. Jean rejoins her husband as the Pastor takes his leave.

Jean: (To Scott.) “I wish everyone could be as happy as I am.” (They kiss.)

As the Pastor leaves the church, he reveals himself to be Morph, a former X-Men thought dead.

Senator Kelly is sworn into the White House as president. Watching the news is a man, putting on a disguise of a menacing mutant.

The wedding reception is held back at the mansion. The bridesmaids get ready for the bouquet tossing by Jean. The bouquet lands instead in the arms of Beast. Beast has been recently pardoned and freed from jail by the new president.

While giving his swearing in speech, President Kelly is attacked by a member of the Friends of Humanity (FoH), disguised as a mutant.

Jean finds an injured Wolverine in the Danger Room, disappointed that he did not show up at the wedding. She comes to say goodbye as she and Scott leave for their honeymoon.

Morph is putting up in a motel in town. He displays a split personality, and harbouring hatred for the X-Men who had “left [him] to die”.

In town, the FoH go around attacking helpless mutants, and destroying places that are mutant-friendly. While watching the news reports, Jubilee is appalled at the increase in attacks against mutants, despite having a pro-mutant president. Professor Xavier explains that since President Kelly’s view of mutants has changed, discovering that “not all mutants are bad...his followers feel betrayed”. Xavier excuses himself to view a private video in his office.

The video is of Magneto calling for help from Antarctica. He urges Xavier to hurry. We soon learn that on the other end of the line is Morph disguised as Magneto.

Xavier leaves a message for the X-Men in the War Room, explaining his abrupt departure.

Wolverine, Gambit and Beast are in a bar playing pool when the FoH start attacking. As the X-Men are defending themselves against the FoH, they are unknowingly filmed by the FoH, who are planning to use video footage to sabotage the X-Men, especially Beast. The video quickly makes its way to the news broadcasts.

A furious Wolverine dashes out of the mansion to track the FoH down as Morph sneaks into the mansion, disguised as Wolverine, intending to stir trouble. He meets Rogue, who is on her way to the Rec Room for a nap. Morph shapeshifts into Rogue, and finds Gambit in the War Room. After chasing Jubilee out of the room, Morph, as Rogue, seduces Gambit and tells him to meet her in the Rec Room. Morph then leaves the War Room. Turning into Storm, he lures Jubilee away from the mansion to report on a mutant attack. Gambit, tricked by Morph, plants a kiss on the real Rogue while she is napping. Rogue absorbs Gambit’s powers and renders him unconscious.

Jubilee walks right into the House of the FoH, thinking it is the “mutant halfway house” that Morph as Storm told her about.

Rogue carries an unconscious Gambit into the War Room, reporting to Storm who is watching the news on the rampant attacks. Storm decides to put a stop to the attacks. She pages Jubilee, who has already left the mansion. Storm pages Beast in the Danger Room, but catches Morph disguised as Beast instead in the control room. Morph tricks Storm and Rogue into thinking Beast would come back them up as soon as he finishes his training session. Morph increases the intensity of Beast’s training session.

The police arrive at the scene of the FoH attacks that Storm and Rogue are trying to stop. Morph, disguised as a police captain, orders the officers to fire at Storm, taking her down. Morph is revealed to be controlled by Mr Sinister.

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